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  1. I've been an EN user for maybe five years. Basic to Premium to Plus to Premium. With the latter change, and for the privilege of paying significantly more, I was welcomed with an upgrade for the worse. Not the first time I have experienced this. Being a large elephant, I am not gifted technically, but I do have a long memory. Weakly managed companies allow themselves to be dominated by transient salespersons and/or equally transient IT experts, neither of which group has any real grasp of the value of the product customers like and continue to pay for in cash and loyalty. Witnessing the disappearance of so many practical features, and their replacement by purposeless gloss, is sufficient to spook this elephant to another watering hole.
  2. In support of Arjun Singh: To be able, as a user, to define the default font's size and type is a basic requirement. That it should have been dropped from the Premium version (at least) requires justification. May we please have a date as to when this basic requirement will be restored?
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