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  1. JohnLongney: My sincere thanks to you for your considered response and helpful personal advice. Heffalump, I suspect, is similarly ripened, surviving hitherto by means of a healthily sceptical and eclectic response to the plethora of technological innovations by which we may be seduced in this digital age. Notwithstanding the reticence, as a Premium subscriber I have found the compactness, portability and versatility of Evernote a vast improvement over the paper-based systems on which I have previously been dependent. As a long term, mainly domestic user of Google's services I have no negative experiences to contradict the positive ones you cite. I also share your faith (as distinct from justified, true belief) in Google's 'willingness and sincerity regarding data protection', their respect for individual privacy, and their reliability (only once did Google make a hideous Hundesfrühstück of my precious store of bookmarks). Your ISP, being based in Germany, operates in the context of relatively strict EU regulations. My ISP, in West Africa, has no such constraints, so users of internet services are more reliant on the corporate integrity of multinationals (such as Google) than on national or regional legislative protections. So, given also what you infer about the meaning in Googlespeak of the term 'manage' (in relation to my contacts), and the possibility of cancelling third-party rights if necessary, I shall go ahead and try it out. Thanks again. //As a postscript, I too stumble over oddities and baffling elements in Evernote, so echo your request for a link to 'the official Evernote helpfile/handbook', if such indeed exists.//
  2. I admire your good-humoured patience and persistence, JohnLongney, and am glad you now appear content. Before attempting to use this new Google Drive feature I had simply accessed a file on Google Drive directly, right-clicked to bring up the 'Send To' menu, and then sent the file to the desired notebook previously opened on Evernote. That method had invariably worked fine. But then (coinciding with the new EN facility?) it ceased to function; I was baffled by an error message: 'the cef_visit_storage could not be found in the dynamic link library . . . [name of folder]'. Reverting to previous iterations of EN failed to solve the problem. So, on trying out the new EN feature I located the Google Drive icon on the toolbar, as suggested by an earlier contributor, was obliged to sign in (again) to Google Drive, but then encountered a permissions request from Evernote that they should be allowed to 'manage' my contacts. I cherish my Google contacts, and I absolutely do _not_ want them messed up by new, inadequately tested software, using me as a dispensable labrat. I would appreciate readers' advice. Should I take the risk? Heffalump
  3. I use both Evernote Premium and Google Drive, synched across a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, a Dell XPS (both running Chrome and Windows 10) and a Samsung tablet, subsisting on some sticky confectionery. I have been very happy with the performance of both Evernote Premium and the Google tools. So far. While I pay significant hard-earned dosh for the Evernote (and there's an off-putting price increase imminent), the cost of the Google tools is their excavation and processing of my, and billions of other people's, data. If Google's excavation and processing remains a dragnet scooping vast shoals of fish, I am existentially content as one anonymous sardine, but the instant some bonus-hunting technoberk fixes a hook on a line and targets me with an advert, I shall be off faster than a sailfish. It's the Windows 10 that is the most annoyingly intrusive and of which I am highly suspicious. But Apple, for me at least, was an extremely expensive and never to be repeated blunder. Stuck with 10. So far. Google is 18 today. If the guys (where are the gals?) at Evernote exploit the economies of scale and programming expertise that being acquired by Google should fetch, and pass that onto their paying customers in the shape of a better, more cost-effective product, I for one welcome it.
  4. This scribe is not being 'driven up the wall' (maybe Google's new car can do that?) but the inexplicable and sudden disappearance of text in the note title appears to be a software design fault, the persistence of which is mildly irritating. While one is typing the title, hitting 'Enter' before it is finished seems to save what's so far there, but obliges a return to the same place to complete it. Perhaps an Evernote employee could give subscribers some guidelines, if fixing the root cause of the problem is not yet within reach?
  5. Greetings to similarly irritated EN users. I have subscribed to Premium since January 2015 and it's mostly been a very happy experience. And thanks for that. Only recently has this 'Can't edit' bug flitted onto my Windows 8.1 desktop at startup. None of my notes are intentionally shared. Don't recall having seen it on my erstwhile Macbook Pro but maybe having both an Android and an iPhone has something to do with it? Cross-platform gremlins? I'm somewhat dismayed that on this thread the first consumer reports of this entomological nuisance date back to a year ago. Thought I'd misread the date. Is it too much to ask that those at EN who can do so, get it fixed? Soon? Cordially in anticipation Heffalump
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