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  1. This is intolerable. How do I switch to previous version or does anyone have an alternate platform to Evernote to suggest?
  2. 1/09/21 I see this has been a problem for some time; there are notes up there that it's being addressed? Any clue when this will be resolved? It is VERY Frustrating. I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure out a work around; need this fixed. Thanks.
  3. EN on iPhone and iPad, Notebooks do not appear; under each Stack are all the notes in that stack and sorting doesn't work; they show up oldest first. Also: EN on Mac does not offer Export All option. I want to do a manual backup because I fear another upgrade that will make my Mac data similar to IOS
  4. OK!!! I did some testing; apparently with the split screen active on the on-screen keyboard, the text will not scroll. Merge and dock the keyboard and both the on-screen and BT connected keyboard work just fine. Solved!
  5. Might it be the difference between iPad Air (mine) and the iPad Pro that those who are responding use?
  6. I cannot find this subject in the iOS arena—iPad specific: when text fills the notes screen I can keep typing but the text is not scrolling nor is it visible. I can "pull it up" but it snaps back below the visible screen when I let go. I can keep entering text; when I get out of edit mode I can scroll down/pull the screen up/down, but not while entering text. This happens when I'm using the on-screen keyboard and my bluetooth connected keyboard. Is this happening to anyone else? What am I missing?
  7. I don't know if this is still the same thread I originally asked a question about having the text visible while entering. My problem is with IOS for iPad. Mac Evernote works fine. when I type on and on, the page scrolls down so i can see what I'm typing no matter how long the document. Likewise on iPhone. On my iPad, when the page extends beyond the bottom of the screen, I cannot see beyond the "fold" where I'm currently typing. I can pull up the bottom of the screen as long as it's not in "typing" mode.
  8. This issue of not being able to see or scroll to the bottom of the page when it fills the screen is still happening on my iPad (4/2019). As soon as the content gets to the edge I can keep typing but cannot see or access the content below the visible screen. It sounds like this was raised two years ago and “fixed” yet still happens.
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