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  1. Shure, if there is someone at Evernote looking into this problem, i am happy to share the .enex with them. Yes i can preview the outer PDF as attachment, but the whole note is being shown as PDF-preview, not only the PDF itself - also in the Preview-app. Overall that still leaves me with an uneditable note ... To make things worse ... Evernote has converted the note to a PDF ... even in EN-Web it shows as one PDF
  2. PLEASE stabilize the EN-Editor !!! Those small bugs that are in the Editor for months now, are a bit of a plague. Please track them and solve them one by one! But now there is new level of Problem starting to show up !!! I have one more or less complex Note with several PDF's within tables. One of those PDF's in this note is now overlaying my whole note in EN-Mac 6.13.1. I cannot edit the note anymore, except for removing the PDF which kills the whole content of this note!!! EN-Web shows this same note with the PDF on the correct position as it was always. Are you going to substantially fix the EN-Editor soon or do you intend to kill Evernote ... ??? And please don't bring up the "advice" to step down to an older Version of Evernote - there is no stable Version available - each one has it's own problems ... It is now 2.5 years ago (v6.0.11) since i started to note which versions of EN-Mac i did install ... each one of them promised to solve some problems but introduced new ones! What keeps me to stay with Evernote at the moment are my 3'800 notes and a good basic concept ... but there is only little hope left that there will be stable EN-Mac one day ... I stopped to recommend Evernote to my work-companions and friends - instead i recommend them to start with alternatives like OneNote, DEVONthink, Bear, ...
  3. Copy of Emoji's is not working properly (as of v6.12) Some Emoji's (like ✅) are working correctly, but others (like ‼️) are beeing replaced by a simplified format. Steps to reproduce: Insert ‼️ Select & Copy ‼️ Pasting into the note replaces it by ‼
  4. Hi I updated from 6.11.1 to 6.12.1 today. New Tables look great, when i comes to rearranging columns and rows - this is a huge step forward ? But there is a big step back for me, when i look at the table-width! As i see it, 6.12.1 has removed all my previous 100% table-width by a fixed table-width ☹️ When i take my Macbook Pro on the road and my 27" external Screen is no longer available, i have to horizontally scroll all those many tables. How can i set those tables to 100% table-width again?
  5. Bug: Copy/Paste entire line (with linebreak) If i copy Line 1 (including the linebreak) and paste it between Line 2 and Line 3 ... Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 That's the result i get: Line 1 Line 2 Line 1Line3 I would expect that the linebreak will be inserted as well.
  6. Table Feature Request for the Future Hi Johnathan Those are table features i wish they will be implemented in EN in the near future: Select an entire column - and then format this column in some way (e.g. right align, italics, ...) (today i have to format each individual cell in this column) And with lower priority: Copy / Move rows or columns to other positions in the table Thank for your excellent support - EN seems to get a lot of positive momentum right now
  7. Johnathan Thanks a lot for your immediate Feedback on those issues and for working hard on improving the Note editor! It is a much better experience having your Feedback and seeing you hunting down those editor bugs :-)
  8. Ok - thanks a lot for your explanation! It looks like Evernote is charging me $60 for this year and $70 for the years to follow.
  9. This is very confusing to me ... I made a screenshot of the pricing page in March 2017 → price showd $59.99: Now a few days later the price shows $69.99:
  10. I have filed several support tickets with Evernote. They all went this way: * Open Support ticket with a detailed description how to reproduce * Then support came back with either some info/question * Then they acknowledged the bug - and that they get passed over to the development department * A few of them got fixed, but most of them probably ended as lone ticket an position 999+ That's why i decided not to spend more time on preparing detailed description how to reproduce bugs - it's kind of frustrating
  11. I don't mean the price increase to $60 from June 2016. If you have a look at their website you will see that the premium price has been increased to $70 within the last few days. I haven't found any info about this recent price increase ...
  12. Did you silently increase the Premium Subscription Price to $70 / year in April 2017? Your last Price increase from $45 to $60 in June 2016 was ok for me since i was a big fan of Evernote those days. But now - Fighting with an awful buggy Evernote Mac - where v6.9.2 (published 6 months ago) is the last usable version for me. No info about how you are planning to improve your Quality. And absolutely no feedback on all those reported Bugs in this forum. Are you aware of them, and when will they be fixed? Then there is your forth and back on the separation of personal and business notebooks. Now this really concerns me a lot - and i'm asking myself if i should still rely on Evernote for my 3'500+ notes? I would accept your price increase if your software quality would make a huge increase as well! From a Premium customer (who's hope is slowly vanishing away)
  13. I do agree with you in respect to the lack of quality checks by EN. But EN is absolutely the only software i'm using, where i first have to check if there are any issues with GA-releases before i can install them. The more time and bugs go bye i do realize that this is not the way i want to go. It is a shame, that the great concept of EN is built in such a poor quality (both for iOS and Mac). Sorry EN - if you want to keep your customers you really need to drastically improve your quality - ASAP!
  14. I do recommend to have a look at 1Password - which is specifically designed to store user/pw info. I wouldn't trust Evernote for such a use case! And by the way - 1Password has an alphabetic index too.
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