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  1. I am not being allowed by Evernote into Evernote web on my iPad.
  2. Evernote web forces me to use app because I don't own a laptop but use Evernote on iPad.
  3. I can't email notes from gmail a useful function.
  4. I use an iPad and do not have a laptop,all activities on iPad.
  5. No error messages telling me what's wrong,bags of space on my account.
  6. I have this problem. useful feature not working. Plus customer.
  7. Evernote terms and conditions are a adhesion contract handed down from on high. adhesion contracts cannot be challenged yet assent if you can call it that is wrapped in a boilerplate once you have marketed to high heaven. PRIVACY policies mean NOTHING in an era of totalitarian dictatorship of corporations who only exploit you for your data. The words of CURRENT t&c mean NOTHING neither will updates that take account of the platform.
  8. Evernote New Terms and Conditions You give us unlimited license to use to use your CONTENT for advertising etc. you absolve us of all liability if our app fucks you up in some way. Legal action must take form of private arbitration under Federal Arbitration Act in California, adjust to take account of the platform. in order to use platform you are forced to have notes scanned by the platform, **************** Google Cloud platform tells me all I need to know about what might could happen. ad words scanning.you write note about bananas you get ads about bananas products. lots of possibilities! audio files can be scanned for voice recognition photos for facial recognition the possibilities are endless.monetize away. Evernote may be sweet and innocent now,google does things well. doesnt mean you should rape my privacy for profit and make further inroads into our privacy.
  9. Google has 35bn in bank, is predatory in nature, is adtech company who cares little for privacy. Evernote hasn't been swallowed up yet but companies swallowed up by adtech surveillance capitalism mean Evernote poses an interesting exploitation problem. Good reads lost everything good about it when Amazon took over now its a non stop RECOMENDATIONS engine. Surveillancecapitalism is wrecking previously good companies.
  10. Perhaps Google aka Evernote will install its recommendations engine on the api to suggest we need to write a note about subject xyz. What about customer autonomy?!!!??!!
  11. Perhaps Google is planning a takeover of Evernote and will dump Keep.
  12. I have just looked at The Google Cloud Platform which is perfect for Companies wishing to monetize data. The Platform capabilities embrace all of Evernotes capabilities: audio, images, handwriting. https://cloud.google.com/ Evernote cares for our Privacy??!! Who are you trying to kid??!! The ad tech man in me wonders how to monetise private note keeping.
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