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  1. Agree with all of this stated.... seems like I go through this every year or so, and this is the worse version yet. About two years ago, I had a bug where you couldn't see selected text at all. It changed from the bright blue it always was to a very dim blue virtually invisible. 6.12 or somewhere. They never really fixed it and now never will with v10. I just rolled back to that version, since this is a nightmare. I loaded it and couldn't believe things like a dictionary and formatting were so messed up. Other trivial things like two dashed lines (line breaks on the page (all the w
  2. Yep, I've been on since this has never been addressed as far as I know since I reported it No response from EN except it's in the list to be addressed. I can't believe they don't get tons of complaints about it.
  3. I'll agree with this. The color of selected text is lighter blue than above and virtually invisible. In any other app it's usually inverted blue text. No idea what they were thinking. I would think it should be what you get when you click on a Menu header (I click on the 'Help' Menu and it's a bright blue).
  4. Thanks for the suggestion.... If the K command is remove hyperlinks, that looks like ctrl-shift-R, actually. I never got around to even looking for that. So, if that is in the menu, seems easy enough to have a "don't do" option. Sigh.....
  5. Yes, I want NO automatic links to anything anywhere, and can't believe there is no way to disable this. Emails, paths, etc. At least it should be an option in the formatting menu so that you can turn it off for one note, or notebook or something. It turns any domain name into something that it thinks you can click on, which will do NOTHING, because it is NOT a webserver. Arg...
  6. This thread still comes up as a main Google hit, so still relevant. I had the same problem, added a photo to a note, was trying to get below it and pressing return deleted it because it was selected. <sigh>. I turned off 'shake to undo' ages ago because it was always popping up and I've found that the keyboard undo is also present on the landscape keyboard on the larger iPhones (7 Plus, etc.). I suspect on the smaller ones, the shake option is all you have. Too bad it's not one of the Evernote formatting options.
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