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  1. In one of the more recent releases of Evernote for Windows, apparently the color used to highlight selected text has been changed to a very light blue-ish color. It is very hard to distinguish this color from a white background. Please change this into a more birght color, providing more contrast with the background.
  2. I have noted the same... I am ''only" 53 years old, but can hardly see selected text in recent Evernote releases... I hope this will be changed!!
  3. Please, add the option to set the eraser size when editing handwritten notes. The eraser is quit big right now, making it very easy to erase content you don't want to erase.
  4. Good to see that I am not the only one experiencing this problem... I already reinstalled the software, without any luck. It's not too bad for me, so I am not downgrading yet, but good to know that is an alternative as well.
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