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  1. I noticed the same. Good to know that this is 'by design'. They should change their design then. One more reason to switch to OneNote, where searching finds anything containing the string you are searching for...
  2. Sorry EN... This seems to be an iPadOS bug. Just updated to 14.4 and all share options have returned, including EN.
  3. And same issue here... As this is reported months ago, I have little hope this will be fixed shortly. With all the new apps, I am more and more disappointed in EN. I pay almost $ 10 a month to get more and more disappointment. Thinking of moving to free OneNote...
  4. Just found out that scanning into new Evernote from my Canon ImageFormula P-208 isn't working anymore... Another user reverting to good old Legacy Evernote...! Feels so much better!
  5. In one of the more recent releases of Evernote for Windows, apparently the color used to highlight selected text has been changed to a very light blue-ish color. It is very hard to distinguish this color from a white background. Please change this into a more birght color, providing more contrast with the background.
  6. I have noted the same... I am ''only" 53 years old, but can hardly see selected text in recent Evernote releases... I hope this will be changed!!
  7. Please, add the option to set the eraser size when editing handwritten notes. The eraser is quit big right now, making it very easy to erase content you don't want to erase.
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