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  1. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Evernote Development Team for the best new build, ever, of an already great application! I updated my version this morning and have been happily playing with all the new features. Well done! -Steve Colburn
  2. Thank you! How can I get an installation file to install Evernote on my new laptop? I don't have a CD, but my Evernote Premium subscription is up to date.
  3. I have just purchased a new computer, and would like to move my Private Notebooks (not stored in the cloud, only on my hard drive) from the old computer to the new one. How do I do that? Also, is there a way to turn a Private Notebook into a Regular Notebook that DOES sync to the cloud? I use Evernote Premium. The old computer is Windows 8.1 with latest Evernote updates, and the new computer is Windows 10.1. Thanks. -Steve
  4. I am trying to figure out how to use the new "Style" attribute of folders to color code two Notebooks that I have. I can change the text style and the text color for individual folders, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change these attributes for the entire Notebook. What I would like to do is to select a color and a text style for all the folders in one notebook (i.e. RED and BOLD), and select a different COLOR attribute for all the folders in another Notebook. So far, I have only been able to do that one folder at a time. And if you choose SET THIS [STYLE] AS THE DEFAULT STYLE, it changes ALL folders in ALL NOTEBOOKS to that style. There must be a way to use the style attribute to distinguish folders in one notebook from folders in a different notebook, visually. Ideas and suggestions, please! I have way too many folders to do this operation one folder at a time! I tried selecting multiple folders before changing the STYLE attributes, but that option does not seem to be enabled. HELP!
  5. Those are both excellent ideas. Associate colors with elements, match appearance with function. Kinda like this. Hello Evernote Support, are you listening? :rolleyes:
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