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  1. Actually - some notes that exist & I can read with Android, are blank in W10
  2. I have this problem all the time. It makes Evernote pointless.
  3. Yes this works, however - what can you do with them then?
  4. You are probably right! The premium subscription encouraged me to use Evernote more and try new (for me) things. I started using the import folder, and using Evernote for storage instead of Dropbox or my own NAS. Certainly the 1st month breaching the 10G limit was due to mistake and uploading some media files that I hadn't meant to, but the second month was just ordinary usage AFAIK (plus of course the hangover from the 1st month whilst my account was suspended). I'm doing OK this month (being on holiday for a week helped!) - 1/3rd through the month & 5% through the Upload. My Databases folder on this PC is 16.8G
  5. Interesting thread - thank you to the contributors. I started using OneNote in 2007 (I think that may have been when it started) and found it fantastic, and used it for 7/8 years. I only moved over to Evernote because of the webclipper, it took a while to adopt my OneNote structure to Evernote, but eventually I became a big Evernote fan and more recently moved to currently being a Premium subscriber for the higher upload allowance. I have 2 problems with this subscription level. Firstly as a personal user I don't really use any of the enhanced capabilities of Evernote Premium. Secondly, for the last 2 months I have exceeded even Premium's 10G monthly upload, and frankly I find it a bit rich to be paying a premium subscription yet have my functionality suspended for half the month. As a result of reading this thread I decided to cancel my auto-renew subscription. I was pleased to see that one of my options was to subscribe to Plus, however I can't see myself ever doing this - it's only 25% cheaper than Premium and I lose the one thing that I want - a big monthly upload. So at the end of my subscription I will revert to a basic user and if I can't make that work I will export my notes to the free OneNote which will integrate with Office and Onedrive. I will be sad to lose my tags, and I love Evernote, but OneNote has caught up with Evernote's cloud ability, and I know from my experiences 10 years ago that it does a great job too.
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