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  1. I just watched the proposed new editor and have to admit I'm, not a fan. Please DO NOT change/eliminate the FONT options in the new editor. It appears you listened to people who don’t really understand fonts and sharing. FONTS are for personal use and creation, especially in notes and email. I use a particular FONT which makes it easier for me to read and create. I don’t really care about sending it to someone else. Minimizing the number of fonts and horribly to non-name fonts is mimicking apple notes and this is EXACTLY the reason I happily pay for my Premium membershi
  2. A PDF of a Bill from ATT. It is problem with ALL PDF's. It will not work from Safari.
  3. I'm sorry to say that I followed the exact directions from PinkElephant and it does not work. The PDF that is in the Evernote file has not data and is blank page. This has long been an issue with me as well. IOS Device - iPad Pro 12.9 IOS - 12.2 Safari - I will assume IOS 12.2 reflects version of safari PDF was simple Bill from one of my accounts. I used the 'Evernote' clipper which gives EVN box to update all info. If I use the 'Copy to Evernote' it will work but then I have to manually udpate all of the information. Small price to pay but is not workflow I want
  4. PERFECTION! Thank you for your knowledge as well as patience! Trying to be IOS with Evernote being the cog to my workflow.
  5. As I've explained the link needs to go inside Fantastical 2 and not within Evernote.
  6. Please tell me how to generate the 'classic' link inside of IOS Evernote app. At this point, I do not think this is possible. This is what we need assistance with.
  7. The original problem was posting a link inside of the Reminders or Fantastical app and have it open the Evernote IOS note rather than a webpage.
  8. I only see public and private as option. How do you get from IOS?
  9. I'm persistent in my use of Evernote to allow me to use iPad as only device. I'm trying to remove Wunderlist from workflow and utilize stock Reminders with Fantastical. Fantastical has cool feature with a dedicated URL link. I would like to insert the Evernote link for an individual note so I could keep all keep all references, checklist PDF's and everything else in Evernote. PLEASE make this happen. I'm Premium user and would welcome this update.
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