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  1. This is a good point - I was also wanting to change the layout but failed to find a way to do this. Also, I would suggest the search bar be moved from where it is now and over to the main note window, easier to use, more accessible
  2. This does not have to do (directly) with the remake but I think it is worth flagging: I take notes and was using the Evernote business notebooks. They are no longer available. I purchased the smaller version of the notebook. The reminder icon has disappeared - it was useful Suggestion: I think it would be nice to have an edition of the notebook without the 3 months subscription: For those who have a subscription it makes no sense to purchase them. How about a template (A4/A5) that can be used as an alternative to the notebooks if they are being phased out? The App would recognize the layout and deliver the great user experience and people like myself are seeking to bridge digital and analogic. Last (but not least) - integration with MailButler. There are many bugs there in the syncing process. I know this is probably out of scope but it is definitely another feature that I use within my ecosystem.
  3. Hi Fellow Evernoters! After updating to version 7.4 with the re-brand, I am noticing that my notes flagged with a reminder are not showing (see screenshot) - I noticed they can show when I clkci away from the folder and then click back on it again but this is not always happening so it gets annoying and generates a gret waste of time having to click around to see a note or, even worse, search for it using the search option. Thanks for your help - if you need any further details I'm here to help :)) Sante
  4. Yes it works but when I sync I'm getting a repeated error - I click OK a number of times and the Email msg is uploaded to Evernote
  5. Thanks for the input which actually got me to solve the problem - at least in part, the additional plugin (which I had) suddenly stopped working one day. When I approached Mailbutler support, they told me it was their problem so I didn't even try to solve... today I played with the configuration and it's working again... This kind of integration with important platforms such as Mail for Mac could be an integration Evernote could offer directly IMO - I find the integration with Mail priceless, an incredible added value
  6. The "Save to Evernote" function on the new MailButler doesn't work for me - it stopped working some months ago - it was the main feature I had purchased mailbutler. I am windering if anybody else is experiencing this and if you know of a work around solution: is the problem related to a change on Evernote or is it just a poor job by MailButler? Thanks in advance for support/inputs, Sante
  7. Thanks for echoing that! I was on the phone earlier today with a prospect and they were a bit annoyed about the way the notes are rendered on the web because of this limitation: ideally the web should be responsive - let's see if anything happens ...
  8. Hello fellow Evernoters, as I use the web feature more and more to comunicate with my Clients, I find more and more opportunities to improve the user experience and make Evernote a better place to create and consume content My proposal is to review the Public Link function: as far as I have seen it is not possible to choose between opening a link from within the same tab or choose to have it open in a new tab. Right now all external links open to new tabs and this is not always a good thing: for example if you have created a list of notes to share grouped on an index note, you'll want to place a "return to index" link on all notes so the user can surf the notes as if it were a small website. Now at every click on the "back to index" opens the index in a new tab and this can quickly get out of control and get people frustrated. My Proposal Introduce the possibility to opt to open a link in the same tab or a new one (and why not give the option of opening in a new window?) If this is not possible then I would opt for external links to open in the tab they are being clicked on - opening in a new tab just doesn't work IMHO. Thanks for your attention and feedback, Sante
  9. I am a business user with 3 seats - have been one for 3 years but this is besides the point - This is not an Evernote security issue, it's about managing shared information and the perception how Evernote (Business) manages and restricts the flow of information at various levels.
  10. Of course it's understood - I know and we all know there are ways around, and that it is impossible to impede download - the idea is to raise the bar and make it a complex operation - nothing more, nothing less which at the end of the day is seen by the client as a security measure
  11. We have already granted the fact that the user can screenshot and download via browser but one thing is to download everything with one shot (select all and download as it is now) and another is to manually have to repeat the process for 10, 100, or 1.000 times Most end users are not that skilled to go into Evernote and extract the notes - I am targeting these guys who work for a corporation - not computer GURUs On another note let's say that a user is granted the VIEW ONLY share mode. If I revoke the share they should not be able to see the note any longer. It's a matter of corporate protocol you can disagree with but which can make the difference between selling Business seats or not... Sante
  12. I disagree strongly on this affirmation: one thing is to share, another is to allow a mass download: mind you that I understand that the notes can be downloaded and that they are on the users machine BUT allowing a mass download makes it much simpler to harvest information that they are ONLY supposed to VIEW, not share or distribute, so like I said view only privileges should not allow any form of download to be allowed only for edit or edit and share profiles. Sante
  13. Hi, In Evernote, when I share a notebook with "View Only" Privileges, I have noticed that an external user can export all of the notes (please see attached screenshot). At this level (view only) the user should not be able to Mass download the notes, and all other related functions should be limited to an absolute minimum, i.e. there should not be a possibility to export or download if not in the most primitive way which is a brutal screenshot or save as an html page from the browser. This is a point that a prospect made to me during a presentation... Hope this helps make E/N even better Sante
  14. Thank you for your reply DT, View in Evernote implicates the user must have an account and login - this is not always the case, especially if we are talking about reporting functions. 800px is an extremely conservative layout IMHO and we could really benefit from a more generous web canvas allocation for these cases. In my experience I use shared public links very often and so would the Client I am working with who would hopefully signup for 2o business seats Sante
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