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  1. I like the dark sidebar, now please add some contrast to the notes list. Look how beautiful this is : Against this boring design : A bug I found is that the style I had set up didn't changed the font color. I have my Inbox notebook with a bold style, and when the dark mode got enabled, the font color was still black. For me it's not a big deal, it was just one notebook, but somebody may have lots of styles defined with the default font color. New bug: I found that sometimes I can't Undo changes. It happened 3 o 4 times while working on tables but I can't assure that it only happens with them, Even if that happend only a couple of times, it's a big deal as several times I lost a lot of work because of an accidental delete that I couldn't undo. Fixed bugs: Thumbnail View: Scroll bar show unnecessarily. Link. When draggin the scroll bar and reaching top/bottom and continue dragging, moving away the mouse from the scroll bar, it will eventually pop the scroll to the original position. Link. The Side List Note View width is defaulted every time the View style is changed (other views width work fine). Link. Copy, paste and move of anything in a note is a pretty slow action since the last couple of updates. Link. (REDUCED) Some bugs still present (bold ones supposedly will be fixed or reviewed for future releases): The Start Menu Shortcut of the app still disappears after update (the taskbar pinned shortcut works OK). Link. Card View: open and with scroll, if you change the notes panel width so to make the scroll disappear then bar will still be visible; when you reduce again the width so scroll will be needed again the scroll bar now disappear. Link. Thumbnail View: Some notes have an unnecessary long title space. Link. Thumbnail View: Some Thumbnails are longer thant the "selected mark". Link. Thumbnails View: When reaching bottom of the list, some thumbnails won't show completed. Link. Adding two checkboxes with [ ] shortcut moves the text caret to a new line. Link. I can only left click audio attachments if I click them in the border, but the right click works in the whole body of the attachment. Link.
  2. Now the Notes List use all the available space with notes without images when the "Show Thumbnail" option is active.
  3. yep, i assumed it was a example . But maybe it could help changing the naming convention, e.g.: * Evernote Receipts -> Receipts Evernote * Food Receipts -> Receipts Food * Work Receipts -> Receipts Work Just an idea that may or may not be useful
  4. Looking at your example @Aseem Bansal it seems like apple is the main word on your tags. Maybe renaming them to apple green, apple black, apple could help?
  5. Thanks! That was exactly what I thought but it wasn't working for me. Restarted Evernote and it's working fine now, sadly I can't reproduce the bug to report it. So I suppose that Aseem was refering to the action of assigning tags to the note, and note the search... if that's it, forget what I said
  6. In the latest windows beta there're options to configure this for the tag and notebook picker, but, or I don't understand what those pickers are or how they work, or the options don't work because i can't find any behavior change. BTW, for me it's working as Aseem says, it searches multi word, what it won't do is search inside words (e.g. 'ppl').
  7. I agree with this, but let's take the example of rich links. They came out first on the web app, i didn't expected to see it the next day in all platforms, but it would be nice to see it in the next available release. Obviously I understand that some features may be more tricky than others but I gave 3 recent examples and none of the got replicated in more than two platforms (correct me if i'm wrong). This also may be true, but that's the point of my post. I am sure that it has been told that they are working in a single core editor that would span across all (or most) the platforms. This is what I would like to have better explained. I'm also a Windows user but I saw more features than improvements added. To me still feels laggy, find strange issues every now and then, or some bug with lost data. I been a user for a couple of years, and premium the last two. But even before the price increases I started migrating most of my notes to QUIP because that tool provides me the consistency I thought I would start to see in Evernote. Despite this I still hope to see this fixed in Evernote
  8. If Evernote devs really read this posts it would be nice to have some status update on this. If I understood it, the idea is to have consistency between platforms but in the last time I saw rich links added to the web app, later to the mac client, and that's all...; zoom added to the mac client, later to the windows client... and that's all; code blocks to the windows client, web app, (not sure for mac).... and that's all. I expected to start to see editor new features, fixes and improvements released in all platforms more or less at the same time. Maybe i have a wrong idea about the objective of this big change.
  9. Also, instead of inherit, if the font doesn't exist it should say the name of the default font which is the one being used in this case.
  10. That's been happening to me forever. I guess that's because the clipped text has a font that doesn't exists in your system assigned to it, so it returns you the "inherit" name but sets the default font. In my case, if I change size or style of the font it will change the font name (eg: set bold to text and inherit turns to Helvetica Neue) but if revert those changes, the inherit font appears again. Is that final word your way to track reported bugs?.... I like the idea!
  11. That used to happen to me in the last v5 versions, but now they seem to be working for me just fine. I used to fix that by unpinning the "permament" icon and re pinning the "transient" one. That way I had no problems until the next update.
  12. Is it me or the note margin was reduced in the last update? I was hoping to see an increase in note margins not a decrease . I'm also having trouble with the auto hide toolbar. I like the idea, but when I open a note the toolbar is hidden and it will remain hidden even if I start to edit it. If I leave the note and come back to it, the toolbar will show up even if I didn't made any change in the note.
  13. Hi! maybe it's a little late but finally i get time to post my findings in this new version. Some of them are bugs but other are just improvements i would like to see. I'm on Windows 10: When I upgrade, my start menu shortcut dissapear and my task bar shortcut changes it icon to a blank page. That's been happening since earlier versions. The share button should have a similar style than the rest of the options. Those borders are awful . The tag icon looks out of place with the actual style. I think it should be like the notebook icon (I checked and that's how it's in OS X). It would be nice than instead of hiding tags when there is not enough space, to hide the text of the icons (or maybe get rid of them entirely ). When there's not enough space to show the empty text, there's no way to click to add a tag. Also even though there's a way to view tags not visible in a drop panel, it only opens when clicking the space dedicated to the tags and not the icon itself. I can't seem to find any red indication about syncing. Only a little dot when in list view and a blue corner when in snippet view. Maybe red turned out to be blue? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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