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  1. I like the dark sidebar, now please add some contrast to the notes list. Look how beautiful this is : Against this boring design : A bug I found is that the style I had set up didn't changed the font color. I have my Inbox notebook with a bold style, and when the dark mode got enabled, the font color was still black. For me it's not a big deal, it was just one notebook, but somebody may have lots of styles defined with the default font color. New bug: I found that sometimes I can't Undo changes. It happened 3 o 4 times while working on tables but I can't assure t
  2. There's a way. Immediately after the Google Drive Rich Link appears press Ctrl+Z and a common Text Link will appear. That's the same behavior the pseudo-markdown has when you want to undo formatting. Also, I found a bug (not sure if it has been reported) with View Settings. If I try to save the view of a Parent Tag, instead of doing that,it opens the New Saved Search window.
  3. Same here... I have some feedback already but I'm not sure this is the place you want me to share it. Also, I think it would be a good idea if you could share more info about what you are trying to accomplish with this prototype and what you are focusing to improve. Besides that, it would be nice to have the chance to add notes to the rating system to explain what's good/bad with the clips.
  4. Now the Notes List use all the available space with notes without images when the "Show Thumbnail" option is active.
  5. I been using the new version for a couple of days now and I only found some minor visual issues (beside the old ones). I tried but couldn't reproduce any problem with tag picker. Also I found that the following bugs were fixed: Thumbnail View: When scrolling, the thumbnails keep rearranging themselves and its a little annoying. It seems like it's trying to align the notes to the top of the panel. Link. The zoom slider won't update most of the times that columns or zoom buttons are clicked (But sometimes it works). Link. Thumbnail View. When a Note is created it seems li
  6. Hi emerick! what you say works ok. The steps to reproduce the problem is: Select sidelist view Change view width Change to any other view Go back to sidelist view. The width wasn't saved. If I keep the sidelist view open there's no problem, even if I close evernote or restart the PC, but changing between views it's what gives the problem and it only happens with sidelist view. I have different width for different views and they remain unchanged. Thanks for the answer on the other two bugs!
  7. No comments on the database location as I already had it in another folder. I also saw fixed the following bugs: ALT+F4 shortcut opens a search panel instead of closing the app. Options and titles are shown in English even when the UI is set to Spanish A couple of bugs I found: Thumbnail View. When a Note is created it seems like a new empty thumbnail is added UNDER the first one being shown. The zoom slider won't update most of the times that columns or zoom buttons are clicked (But sometimes it works). Some bugs still present: The Start Menu Shortcu
  8. yep, i assumed it was a example . But maybe it could help changing the naming convention, e.g.: * Evernote Receipts -> Receipts Evernote * Food Receipts -> Receipts Food * Work Receipts -> Receipts Work Just an idea that may or may not be useful
  9. Looking at your example @Aseem Bansal it seems like apple is the main word on your tags. Maybe renaming them to apple green, apple black, apple could help?
  10. Thanks! That was exactly what I thought but it wasn't working for me. Restarted Evernote and it's working fine now, sadly I can't reproduce the bug to report it. So I suppose that Aseem was refering to the action of assigning tags to the note, and note the search... if that's it, forget what I said
  11. In the latest windows beta there're options to configure this for the tag and notebook picker, but, or I don't understand what those pickers are or how they work, or the options don't work because i can't find any behavior change. BTW, for me it's working as Aseem says, it searches multi word, what it won't do is search inside words (e.g. 'ppl').
  12. One thing that I always wished but could feel strange is that independently of the selected view to have the column header (or very similar) visible. This is for me the simplest way to sort notes. The drop left to the search bar requires lots of clicks
  13. That's true, if the panel is too narrow the icon dessapear A couple of weeks ago I started migrating most of my webclips and notes to Quip because of the poor editor experience. But I will keep using evernote for my scans, documents, and images so probably I will stick with the thumbnail view
  14. Yes you can, there's a small gear icon at the bottom of the panel that let you show title and some other info.
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