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  1. Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open this week for the new clipper version.
  2. I'm ok in Edge (79.0.309.71) and Chrome (79.0.3945.130), but the latest dev build of Edge (81.0.396.0) still doesn't work. When I right-click the web clipper button, it shows a Login to Evernote menu item, but when I click it a pop-up comes up, it says Web Clipper Login Successful (without explicitly asking me to sign in), but the web clipper window still doesn't come up. I've cleared my cache and cookies, but the problem persists. The log is showing an auth cookie error, but in the browser settings I've allowed all cookies, I'm not blocking third-party cookies, and I've turned off all tracking protection. Not sure if this is specifically an issue in this version of the browser, especially since it's a dev build and the official release version works fine for me. Log.txt
  3. I've got the Service unavailable message still on one browser using the web clipper, but I don't have any issues logging in with the desktop client on that same machine.
  4. I cleared my browser cache and cookies in the browser that doesn't work, and I don't get the service unavailable error, but now when i click on the web clipper after logging into evernote, i get a pop up that says web clipper log in successful, but I don't get the usual web clipper window to select the clip. If I right-click the web clipper icon in Microsoft Edge and select Extension Options, I can see a log that does show a number of errors. For some reason in Google Chrome I can't see the logs when I right-click the web clipper icon and select Options. 2020\1\27 10:26:41 LOG ------ Button clicked ------- 2020\1\27 10:26:42 LOG detected auth in slots Array:[0] 2020\1\27 10:26:42 LOG Reloading account in slot 0 2020\1\27 10:26:43 LOG Account logged out: r:{"errorCode":5,"parameter":"authenticationToken"} 2020\1\27 10:26:43 WRN Could not login while handling browser action. Error: Cannot read property 'isBusiness' of null TypeError: Cannot read property 'isBusiness' of null at Object.generateUserCD (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:26:105059) at chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:26:118610 2020\1\27 10:26:54 LOG Reloading account in slot 0 2020\1\27 10:26:54 LOG Account logged out: r:{"errorCode":5,"parameter":"authenticationToken"} 2020\1\27 10:26:55 ERR Channel: Message 'tabClipper.checkBackgroundStatus' failed with error: Error: Tab must be specified Error: Tab must be specified at chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:26:117725 at Generator.next (<anonymous>) at n (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:17:281903) at chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:17:282048 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at new t (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:8:27179) at chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:17:281837 at Object._tabClipper (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:26:117902) at tabClipper (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:26:121157) at T._handleDispatchRequest (chrome-extension://llhcnbijpnechllogkacbcjmkcgjbjfi/commons.js:8:36113)
  5. I'm getting that same error right now; for me it happens in a dev build of Microsoft Edge (the new Chromium based one, 81.0.396.0), but not in the generally available one (79.0.309.71) or in Google Chrome (79.0.3945.130), on the same machine with the same web page. In the browser where the web clipper doesn't work, removing and readding the extension didn't have any effect on the problem.
  6. I had the same problem with crashes on the Windows client when dragging notes between notebooks, but I found that if I went into settings and completely turned off the Show Context feature, the crashes went away. I logged a ticket with support yesterday, but haven't heard anything back on it yet.
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