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  1. Hi guys! This is the issue. Last week, when we all logged into our evernote accounts the business notebooks were missing. I am not sure with what exactly happened but if I am not mistaken, our renewal would be this month (August). Its strange because I checked my email if there are any notices of any warnings or failure of processing payments and there were none. Now, we dont have access to our evernote business anymore, all our notebooks are gone! My account was immediately downgraded to the free version. I cant submit a tech support request because I was on a free version. I tried submitting a form from the Evernote business page (Contact Sales) for 2 times already but no response. I have checked my spam folder and spam filters but there were really no emails. I tried to reply to old tickets raised before but there was no one there to reply. I tried going for the Evernote business plan again, but everytime I'd try to upgrade it would only show a page that says for a free trial only. I cannot upgrade directly. I don't want to create another evernote business account. It would say, email exists. I had no choice but to pay for the premium plan (monthly) just so I can send an email to their technical support. But suprisingly, whenever I try to click the send email, it would load a page saying that I have been logged out. I tried to clear cookies, and all other browser data. I tried it on another browser. I tried using a different computer as well but that page seems to not work at all. I am kinda desperate and this is my last resort. I hope someone can help me, or if this is noticed by any evernote staff. We need our data back.
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