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  1. Today, after update to version 7.0.3 I cannot start Evernote, got message: "Your local data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version." Any experience such issue? My macOS is 10.13.3. "
  2. Even if Windows version is improved, there are still some huge gaps. I have a list (unmbered with sub-bullets) of souvenirs to bring from my trip and today I've opened it on Android app and guess what? Sub-bullets "reset" a numbering of main list so I have now: 1. Person A * gift 1 * gift 2 1. Person B 2. Person C 3. Person D * gift 3 1. Person E Only because I wanted to edit this list on Android. C'mon, Evernote team!
  3. It's indeed a shame that so simple feature is broken. Copy/pasting lists bullet-ed and numbered lists from/to Word or Wiki is a hell. I don't know why is not fixed yet. Is there a issue tracker anywhere so we can up vote on features?
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