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  1. I am adding a "Safari web page" or a rich text (converted from html) to Evernote by means of the Action "Create New Note" or "Append to Note" from the shortcuts app. For all local hyperlinks the href attribute gets completly wiped. The <a> tags themselves are being maintained (at least returned to shortcuts) by Evernote. In the final Evernote note the links are not availale/visible at all. While this makes somewhat sense as relative links require a base url, Evernote could evaluate the "safari web page" structure which contains the following details as available in shortcuts app: Page Contents Page Selection Page URL Name The missing functionality can be mitigated by Extracting the page contents or selection from the safari web page, Converting the content to html by means of the "Make HTMK from Rich Text" action with the "Make Full Document" switch enabled and Adding a <base> tag with the "Page URL" as the value for the href argument. the Page URL can be extracted by the "Get Details of Safari Web Page" of the shortcuts app. To add the <base> Tag I use the "Replace Text" action to search for the <head> tag (ideally with "Regular Expression" enabled) to cover for optional parameters in the head tag. This way selections and full pages (as rich text) can be added to Evernote, e.g. when collecting research.
  2. I created a shortcut on my iPad in the shortcust/workflow app which accepts "safari web pages" and uses the users selection to ceate a new note or attach it to an existing one as rich text in Evernote. Problem is when links contain the hastag sign (#). This gets converted into '%23'. So when clicking the link in Evernote (on iOS as well as on Windows or the webbroser version of if) the link is not found. (e.g. http://alex-charlton.com/%23blog instead of http://alex-charlton.com/#blog) I consider this a bug as the # sign needs to be excluded from URL encoding.
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