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  1. Hi. I've been an Evernote user/customer since October 2010. 10 years. I cancelled my subscription today. At some point, you just stop letting a software provider treat you like trash.I suggest everyone do the same.
  2. Wow, I never thought one could make Evernote even crappier than it was before this new version. But you should never underestimate this team's talent. Bravo, guys! Bravo...
  3. With all this talk of apk's, there's one thing I fail to understand. If apk's allow you to install a given version of software even when Goople Play would not allow it, why can't Evernote provide a signed/checksumed apk for 8.5.3 for their Andoid 5 users to install from? Could there be any valid reasons for them to not be able to do that?
  4. I never said I wanted updates from Evernote on this platform. If 8.5.3 is the last version I'm able to install and use on Android 5, so be it. I'll make my own choice on whether or not newer versions are good enough to warrant a purchase of a new device. I'm not complaining that Evernote decided not to improve their product on Android 5 any longer. I'm complaining that their product can no longer be installed and used on the same device and the same operating system it could be installed and used with no issues. You seem to keep missing this point: I can't install Evernote on Android 5. You can't say that an app "still works" if it can't be installed using the only official method of installation there is. "Works if you already had it installed", "works as long as you don't reset your device", "works if you side-load some unsupported packages from unofficial sources" - all these do not have the same meaning as "still works", if you ask me.
  5. I don't think they are. Evernote support suggested to google for these apk's and provided a couple results from google search, adding that they take no responsibility for what may happen if I actually install them.
  6. Probably not, but the fact is, it did run on Android 5 with all its feature set (however basic or advanced one may consider it in 2018). Now it doesn't. And the feature set is yet to change. Good point, indeed. Personally, I would still prefer to be able to decide for myself whether or not Android 5 is secure enough to store my data and run Evernote, and not have that decision forced down my throat by some people in Evernote company, whose own security record is not quite perfect.
  7. To quote Wikipedia: Either that number has radically dropped in the past two months, or Evernote team has decided that it's OK to make a move that affects every sixth client of theirs in a negative way.
  8. I don't know if I should, really. Evernote can drop support for Android 6 and 7 tomorrow and apply the same exact logic, can't they? "Blame your device manufacturer for not having Android 8 or 9 available". Based on the fact than dozens of apps, many of which are way more advanced than Evernote (it's a note-taking app after all), work perfectly fine and update their features on a regular basis, while still supporting Android 5, I would conclude there is no consensus in the app development world that Android 5 is such a barrier for progress. I see it as a choice that this particular development team has made. Let's wait a few months and see what new groundbreaking features will become available in new Evernote releases on Android, now that they are no longer limited by this old and inefficient API Android 5 had. My bet is that there won't be any.
  9. Confirmed by Evernote support: 8.5.2 is the last version supported on Android 5 devices. Can't upgrade the OS? Well then you can't install Evernote from Google Play anymore. Feel free to google around for some apk's and how to install them, but keep in mind that Evernote takes no responsibility for whatever may happen to your precious data after that. Have a good day.
  10. And by the way, if you think I've jumped to my pessimistic conclusions about Evernote team too fast, think about this. Until recently, I've been running Evernote on Windows, Android smartphone, and Android tablet. Evernote Windows appears to be buggier, slower, and uglier than ever before. I can't use Evernote on my smartphone (Android 7.1.2) anymore, as it fails to display the content of some of my notes. I have a support ticket opened for that, and Evernote team is unable to say what part of my notes are affected, and when this will be fixed. I can't use Evernote on my tablet (Android 5.1.1) anymore, because Evernote team decided to make their product incompatible with a device that was perfectly capably of running it all this time. So yeah, I kind of feel there's something to be disappointed about.
  11. Kruger2147, The "old device" we're talking about was released two years ago. Every single app that I have installed on it (and let's be frank, many of them are more complex than Evernote) still work perfectly fine in December 2018. So I guess it depends on the developers, and their attitude towards their user base. Some will care, and do their best to allow for backwards compatibility. And some will just go "***** these people, we'll do what's convenient for us". Don't get me wrong, Evernote team is free to take their product whatever they like (just as I am free to finally stop paying for it). But sending out all that "we care so much about you" BS I quoted and then doing this a few months later is pure hypocrisy. Dave-in-Decatur, Unfortunately, upgrading the tablet beyond Android 5.1.1 is not possible. Sure, I can blame Samsung for that, and buy a newer tablet, or a different brand, or a different operating system, in order to be "cool enough" for Evernote for a couple more years, but I really feel that it's just not worth it anymore, and it's time to migrate. Alternatives may not have all the features I got used to in Evernote, but at least they are run by people that I can respect.
  12. Because it's easier for Evernote team to have you go and purchase a new device (and another one, when they decide to abandon that one as well). Less versions of platform to support = more time and resources to work on things that are really important (i.e. new elephant icon, making note headers bold and ugly, and other crucial things). Makes perfect sense. They're dedicated to "delivering exceptional product experiences", haven't you heard?
  13. Hey everyone, Let me start by quoting the wonderful letter from Evernote CEO, Chris O'Neill, of September 2018: - "we refined and clarified why we exist as a company" - "we care about what you care about" - "what matters most to us is what you, our customers, need" - "we invest directly in the areas that will improve our products and your experiences with them" - "allow us to deliver product experiences at greater velocity and higher quality" - "Our dedication to delivering exceptional product experiences to our customers has not changed" - "and we are accelerating investment in our technical infrastructure to enable us to ship more of what you want, faster" - "There is a lot to come from Evernote in the next couple of months and even more in 2019" Well, what came in the next couple of months is this: I tried installing Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 tablet running Android 5.1.1 today. Got an error saying the device is not supported. Funniest thing, the same software ran on this same device and the same operating system for months, before I factory-reset the tablet a few hours ago due to an unrelated issue (Android version did not change). I tip my hat to Evernote team. I don't know how you guys do it, but you manage to make this piece of software, and the related "exceptional product experiences", worse and worse with every month. Good job, guys. Good job.
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