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  1. You're right, I've just check, it was already here in onenote 2013.... At that time onenote has also mobile apps and is totally free.... So may one day I will migrate, just need some courage to change my habits ;)
  2. Yes ! We need it please ! And those guys need it too :
  3. Plain text only is useful for me. But if different behaviour is useful for some of us, there are 2 solutions : the user should choose the behaviour in the settings : by default the behaviour is the same than before : plain text only, but in options you can modify this behaviour : copy with formating, copy with url links ,.... Create different shortcuts for each action : ctrl + shift +v = plain text only , ctrl + alt + v = plain text with url , etc.... and make these shortcuts in the "edit" top menu. In office excel there are already many copy/paste options it could be a source of inspiration https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/291358/how-to-use-the-paste-options-button-in-excel
  4. Agree with that : plain text only. If hyperlinks are userful for some users it should be an option in settings : "keep hyperlinks on copy/paste"
  5. Waiting for the fix of the ctrl + shift + V. I agree to say that this little feature is very important
  6. The new version public doesn't change anything. Evernote doesn't seem to consider this very annoying bug but they know it... However it doesn't seem hard to resolve...
  7. OK, thank you.I'll try tweeting. May be the community can try the support ticket interface too because it's not me, it's just not working... But I'll tweet this too... I'm sad to see the biggest web services like evernote or feedly that have a so bad interaction with their community...
  8. There is a little bug in the vertical scrolling bar on Windows client , I often copy/paste text to the bottom of my notes and the scrolling bar is not working correctly so I can't see what I paste at the bottom of my note. Please read these steps to reproduce it : Go to the bottom of a long note by pressing these keys : "Ctrl" + "End" Press "Enter" numerous time. At this time you're already seeing that the scrolling bar is not working correctly : it stays at the same place but it should follow the cursor. You can paste text -> you'll not see your pasted text. If you press one direction key on your keyboard (up,down,left or right) or a letter, the scrolling bar go down and you can see what you are going to copy/paste ! This is really annoying, can you take a look ? Thank you. Btw : impossible to find how to submit a ticket from this formulary (there are no input box for text !!?!) : https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=176617
  9. Hi, My remarks are about Windows Client : It would be nice if the search indicate where is the word in the scroll bar like the screenshot below. It could be nice to search in url links, for exemple if I search for "evernote" with a note which just contains : "this is a test" it should works. A tooltiptext when you put your mouse cursor over url links could be use full too. Edit : found when you display "status bar" in display menu, but it dosen't works perfectly (when you have several URL you have to insist with your cursor when you go to an URL to another one on version BTW the old web interface is so much clear and concise and than the new one which is in beta... Thanks for this incredible and usefull software !
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