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  1. Do we know how widespread this problem of the blank note in the Windows app is? I realized we have maybe a couple dozen people reporting it here in this forum but maybe it is not a priority to EN because it is not affecting many users?
  2. I get the message that "10.6.9 is the current version" when I open the Evernote for Windows on my desktop and click on "Check for Updates." It appears that Evernote has not pushed the update to all users.
  3. When I check the version on Evernote Windows, I get the message that 10.6.9. is the newest available. (a/o 1 Feb 21 14:37 CST)
  4. It happened again. I tied to start a new note in the Evernote Windows app and it was blank and wouldn't accept input. So then I tried to open an existing note and it was blank. And there was a blank pop-up. Since this is a known bug - when can we expect to see if fixed?
  5. Thank you Austin. This did work for me. I used the Task Manager to end all the processes (there were maybe half a dozen running). When I rebooted after that, I could see my notes again.
  6. I never had a problem with the Windows version until the Evernote upgrade. Everything is blank in the Windows app but I can see the notes on the web. I only have 2 devices listed - window and the web version. Re-starting the program does not help. I have seen a random blank pop up a couple of times.
  7. I hope that all the freed up resources from this change to the cloud will be used to resurrect Evernote Food. It was my primary reason for using Evernote (as it was for my friends). That would really be a benefit of this move.
  8. Very sad to see Evernote Food go. It was the feature of Evernote that I used the most. Like many here - I used it to keep track of meals, not recipes. I used it both to document restaurant meals and dinner parties so I could remember what was served and who attended. I strongly second the suggestions to keep Food editable, provided a template for Evernote and make it open source. Desperately seeking an alternative - has anyone tried using an Instagram account for food pictures and documenting the meal in comments?
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