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  1. With the update to OS X 11 and Safari 14, when using WebClipper, when choosing a Tag, when I start typing the tag and stop after the second letter, the display box only present sever of what I know are 20+ possible options. Previously I could scroll to find the specific one (it's a code TCx-x, where the x may be a code or words. I used to be able scroll through all the ones I set up, now I only see the first four or five, and it repeats the scrolling. What's up with that? Thanks for looking into this. Marc Pfeiffer
  2. That's a good thing and I think we all expect improvement. But, the uncertainty of when creates frustration. From a management standpoint I look at they why something happened. So, I would ask why the 10.0 was released with these issues. It's generally a disturbing trend.
  3. Kudo's on making those fixes. Now about adding back in tags in the iPad app, and auto-filling the name of the page or resource as the old app did.
  4. I'll loudly echo the comments on adding tags back into the app. As a very long-time Evernote user (since paper scroll metaphor) I'm concerned a new version was released that eliminated a good existing feature. That seems to have been a fail in design and development. App management needs to be cognizant of that problem. Also lost was the auto-fill of the title of an article or item being clipped that worked 90%of the time. That's a great feature and should not have disappeared. I'll also put in an ask for the ability to replicate the type of clip that is made, as is done in the OS X (and I assume Windows) Webclipper, where a choice can be made if it is to be a bookmark, full page, article, simpiflied article, or PDF. So as long as your are looking at replacing the pre-existing functionality, how about a shot at adding to it?
  5. In addition to the other commenters who made important points about working with notes and moving them around, one of the most critical aspects is that the notes are saved on your desktop machine, meaning you always have access to them and can never lose them (assuming you maintain good back up practices). You can keep some of your notes on your tablet, but only everything would go on your desktop. Tha's a highly useful feature.
  6. Well thank you Super Guru Jefito! I never knew that was there!!! My concern is resolved. Thanks for the time and attention to this. Best wishes for a great new year. Your efforts out here are appreciated!
  7. Hi - very long time user here. Simple (I hope request): In a Simplified Article, can you embed the original weblink - either at the top or bottom of the article (10 or 12 point - slightly smaller than regular text size)? It will make it easier to go back and find the original material online. That is all. Thanks for the consideration. Marc Pfeiffer
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