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  1. First time post in Evernote forums, been using it since it came out. +1 on he highlight colors. Never needed it until today, most times I copy and paste from word but I have a need to modify what I am pasting this time. Assumed Evernote had this basic capability.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion and reference. I have added this to my list of references in my original post. Would you mind sharing what specific things you found helpful in the MacRumors guide, that was not included in my instructions? Thanks. I am not sure if I saw your instructions but I did review a bunch of links and suggestions from the thread you posted. It is probably where I got the link I posted. Evernote was fairly simple to remove. If you just remove the app to trash and kill your web browsers because of the plugin you will still not be able to remove evernote to the point where you can reinstall without getting the older EN database error. If you move the program to trash, kill the evernote helper process with activity monitor you can then do a search on your hardrive following the suggestions from that link. You search for evernote system files and remove those as well. Once that is all done you can install a previous version and will not get the error. Basic stuff for techies but not something the average user may be aware of much less easily do without doing a bit of research. Hope this helps.
  3. I was able to downgrade today. You have to remove system files Evernote uses as well. Here is a link that may help: http://guides.macrumors.com/Uninstalling_Applications_in_Mac_OS_X
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