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  1. This sure looks modeled after our familiar app. With "Eversync" service and more at http://everhelper.me. Another one is Alternote: http://alternoteapp.com/ Lots of these apps popping up!
  2. I'm curious, what are the uses that get you to tens of thousands of notes? How do those notes get created, surely not manually? 30k notes in, say, five years would be roughly 16 notes created every single day. Lots of shared notebooks? I've used EN since 2008 and I always hover at around 2K notes. I delete things that are done or read and it doesn't really seem to grow past the 2-3K mark.
  3. >> @GrumpyMonkey: in the end, though, how is this any different than using evernote with just local notebooks? > When the features that are still missing are there, not much! Except being file/folder-based. And [...] I'm making excuses to justify the app.. truth is this project is just fun to make. There's now V4 with some tags etc. (No tag view yet, though) Search is now optimized for at least 10,000 notes. Cheers!
  4. @GrumpyMonkey: Well, it doesn't look like EN anymore. (Edit: please use the comment box on the mentioned site if inclined to avoid bloating this thread..)
  5. > in the end, though, how is this any different than using evernote with just local notebooks? When the features that are still missing are there, not much! Except being file/folder-based. And I intend to open source it, so anyone can have full control over their data and the tool, sans third parties. Also, EN5 is not any worse than before, still a great app, but I almost expect them to retrof*** it up somehow - by disabling sync, forcing an update, something. I'm eventually moving my stuff away and it has to be something that doesn't change on a whim or thru baffling business visions.
  6. Hi Frank, That's a surprise! There's nothing harmful in it though - what you get will look exactly like the screenshot. Here's some more info about me: My github page is at: https://github.com/jusu In the past I've made (among other things) a remote controller for iOS for use with Max/MSP or Pure Data (called Fantastick), some generic helpers for use with Cinema4D and software for computer assisted Juggling. My other things are at http://pinktwins.com with more music, art, apps etc etc etc. This is not to advertise but to let you know that I'm doing a tool, for fun, in good faith that it might be of use to someone else here as well. (btw. the exe doesn't install anything, it needs a JRE and should just launch the app if you have one. -- EDIT: it does launch a webpage to download JRE from Oracle if your machine doesn't have one.) Best, j
  7. Hi all, First steps at recreating some EN magic circa 2012: http://elephant.mine.nu Cheers, j
  8. Jackolicious: I honestly believe the right thing to do would be to pull v6.0 from App Store. Not wait for Apple, but revert to a previous binary. Serving a version with data losing bugs should be unacceptable. Taking any action neccessary to prevent data loss should be a major cornerstone in building trust with your users. Instead, that version has now been there for 12+ days. Is some data loss acceptable? Please explain your inaction on this.
  9. It continues to baffle me that Evernote would allow people to auto-update to the data losing version 6.0 from the App Store. Correct me if I'm wrong but they should be able to reject the bug-ridden binary and revert to a previous version. They have kept it for **ten days** now. Enjoying the one-star reviews so much? Data safety is supposed to be one of Evernote's "Three Laws of Data Protection": http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/03/24/three-laws-of-data-protection/ But apparently they don't really mean it?
  10. I reverted from 6.01 to 5.7.2 by deleting this file: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/version .. and version 5.7.2 launched just fine on a "migrated" database. Everything seems to be there and working. Activity log threw an error that went away after a restart. This is a bit risky as I don't know what the 5.7.2 -> 6.01 migration changed, but it seems to work, and at this point we all have local backups, right? Q: Why is Evernote still keeping the data losing / corrupting version 6.0 at App Store? Yes, they are working on it, but they should also PULL a version that corrupts data immediately to prevent further damage, no excuses. The acceptable level of data loss is surely zero, right? The longer that version is out the less sure it appears.
  11. You had a beautiful app in version 5. This one: https://blogassets.evernote.com/files/2012/05/mac_cards.png *sigh*
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