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  1. Hi Jefito & Roshler! I have a similar question. I know it seems straight forward...and you spelled it out quite clearly...but believe it or not I'm still (embarrassingly) confused about the structure of note organization. From what you spelled out, I take it that the organizational heirchy runs as follows: Note Stacks (comprised of)-> Notebooks(comprised of)-> Notes However, there are several websites, video tutorials, etc ....that give the appearance that NOTES can be organized into STACKS within Notebooks. Either misrepresentation....or my misunderstanding (probably)...but could you clarify? It's intuitive to me to group notes within a notebook together in some form (i.e. like having dividers in a binder). If there are no "note stacks" is there any way (or what would be the best method) to group or subcategorize notes within a notebook? Using tags? Linking Notes? And what is it I'm seeing in video tutorials where users are opening a notebook and the notes are organized in what looks to me to be piles? To me this is really appealing because I can see visually how my notes are organized within a certain project. As far as I know...tags don't let you do that. Thanks so much!! -V
  2. Yes absolutely agree! I've just joined Evernote and signed on for business because I've heard, read, and watched...from so many sources how great of a tool it is for entrepreneurs...specifically those managing multiple projects and ventures. I have a 3 different business emails for 3 separate but synergetic businesses. I thought evernote business would be a solution of sorts for my organizational woes...but am deeply disappointed to find that it doesn't allow me to add more than one business email to my account. The only solution I can think of would be to create a separate user for each business....but then what about my personal notes? Seems like its going to be a hairy nightmare :/ Not to mention....the fact that my businesses have separate domains....so as the system is set up I'd have to pay for each user....no way? Any thoughts on a solution? Otherwise I'll just have to cancel my subscription :-/
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