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  1. Yes absolutely agree! I've just joined Evernote and signed on for business because I've heard, read, and watched...from so many sources how great of a tool it is for entrepreneurs...specifically those managing multiple projects and ventures. I have a 3 different business emails for 3 separate but synergetic businesses. I thought evernote business would be a solution of sorts for my organizational woes...but am deeply disappointed to find that it doesn't allow me to add more than one business email to my account. The only solution I can think of would be to create a separate user for each business....but then what about my personal notes? Seems like its going to be a hairy nightmare :/ Not to mention....the fact that my businesses have separate domains....so as the system is set up I'd have to pay for each user....no way? Any thoughts on a solution? Otherwise I'll just have to cancel my subscription :-/
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