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  1. Really! So, the scanner assigns the Evernote note name? I don't think think that used to be the case; Notes that came from emails, photographs, files on my Mac, or even direct text entries all seemed to have similar syntax. In any event, I just always change the note name to something that makes sense to me, and then, if the content of the note is a scanned and OCR'd pdf, I change the name of the name (that starts out the same as the Evernote note name) to match the name I've chosen for the enclosing note. The weird thing is that quite often, that pasted on new name seems to "stick" initi
  2. Thanks for all your help. I discovered that I could indeed use the USB scanning option with the scan to Evernote profile I'd created. I had found a rather old thread online that discussed creating an "Import to Evernote" folder in the macOS, but it was several generations of the macOS old, so I did not attempt that. I'll watch to make certain my scans sync. They do all seem to get OCR'd before landing in Evernote. One additional question, if I may. I've never liked Evernote's default naming convention for new notes, so when I scan something (more than 90 % of my notes originate
  3. Well, my house already DID burn to the ground, along with those of 5300 of my fellow Santa Rosa, CA citizens, back in 2017. I lost an iMac in that conflagration, along with a 4-bay TB2 external drive holder that I had configured JBOD. Those drives included my Time Machine and SuperDuper backups of the Time Machine, as well as a bunch of commercial movies (we also lost our other movie repositories (2 TiVo DVDs). Fortunately, my other redundancy was a combination of Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and duplication onto my own user account on my laptop. I AM somewhat skeptical of my Time Machine backu
  4. Thanks so much! My German is non-existent, but I think your annotations will help me follow. I’ll probably have a chance to look through the workflow and see if I can duplicate it later this evening.
  5. This is the part I don't understand, because the description of Scansnap Cloud in the Scansnap Home user guide indicates that the profile for Evernote Note creation requires use of Scansnap Cloud. Because creating and OCR-ing pdf files and importing them into Evernote was taking so long with a Scansnap Home profile created as described in the user guide, I tried scanning directly into Apple's Preview PDF reader (Scansnap Home comes with a pre-defined,, non-WiFi-requiring Profile for Preview. Using that profile, I can create multi-page scans (once the paper document is in the feeder) by pr
  6. Thanks for your detailed response. Is there no way to scan directly to the computer and into Evernote via the USB connection? Is the issue that using the Scansnap "account" REQUIRES using WiFi? I would think that a 146 KB 2 page OCR'd pdf could wend its way from the scanner to my router, to the Fujitsu Server, then to the Evernote server, then back to me in just a few seconds rather than the glacial pace at which things hare happening since I was forced to "upgrade" to Scansnap Home and the "account." My local network architecture includes fiber to the home with 400 mbpsec down
  7. I just updated computers (new 16 inch MacBook Pro. Of course, it comes with Catalina as the minimum macOS, and that kills Scansnap Manager. I found the download instructions for Scansnap Home, downloaded it, created a Scansnap account, set it up with a "free Scansnap cloud account" as instructed, then created an Evernote Profile. I'm able to scan, but from the time I push the "Scan" button until a document appears in my Evernote dashboard (even a 1 page pdf) more than a minute elapses. This is AWFUL. I know that the configuration routine is scanning to Fujitsu's cloud, then to Everno
  8. My other heavily used extension in Safari is 1Password Mini. The publisher makes me aware when that's updated. I've never found myself running a version that's 5 releases obsolete.
  9. My guess is that this bug appeared as a result of an interim update to Mac OS. However, there is still an issue. Evernote informs us of new versions of the application, both in Mac OS and in iOS, but it does not inform us of new versions of the Safari extension. Why is that?
  10. That works, but the interface to maintain pairing and just exactly what happens with and without pairing are far from seamless. Sometimes, when I have a "compatible" app open, pressing the button on the Stylus activates the green LED for just a moment until I release it. Sometimes it continues to blink. I have the sense that in the latter circumstance the pad tracks the position of the stylus better, but I can't be certain. This is not a finished product. I've also discovered that text recognition isn't the same as conversion to editable text. THAT must be the holy grail. I'd be happy if t
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