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  1. Making encrypted text non-editable is such a rookie mistake. It must be very difficult to hire good software developers. Was there any oversight before shipping this awful thing?
  2. I know it seems like a cool idea to automatically expand text for google docs and now youtube links, but it really isn't. Really really is NOT. Can you please stop now? This is the "feature" that will finally make me quit evernote. It is such a hassle and ruins all my notes. It is an indicator of the software development talent at Evernote that they can not understand this. If you must persist with this "feature" then make it require a click action to change to the converted link, rather than make it the default.
  3. Mac version 6.8. It is still broken. For me it does not close the encrypted area, it just refuses to paste. Which is bad enough.
  4. These suggestions all require too much manipulation. Say I was interviewing a candidate. I want to type in 20 questions. Then as I interview the candidate I want to type answers/notes around my questions, but visually distinguish the questions from the notes. I don't want to painstakingly prepare pre-formatted lines around each of the 20 questions. I just want to type in my 20 questions, select them all, and with one click give them a "protected" format that is not inherited by the surroundings (for example hitting carriage return at the end of the question line does NOT carry the format
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