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  1. That's probably the most "native" way of describing the exact functionality we're looking for! Thank you! Now if only EN would see that and realize that it's not inordinately complex to put in place! I'm not sure I have much hope - but if I didn't have any hope I wouldn't pay for Premium!
  2. Oh, I'd not want to put that pressure on him. I wish no ill will or duress...
  3. DTLow, I was agreeing with joconnell and even used his exact example of Developer IDE frameworks as a reason why Evernote should continue to consider this feature. Unfortunately, my original post has disappeared so there's no way for me to prove that I said nothing to disagree with or chastise him. Please don't patronize me...I also have under ten posts so, you could count me as a newbie too. ...I also saw you edit your post three times to add more detail to what you're alleging I did I admit, that I should have anticipated that I could offend you when I pointed out (like I've seen others point out in this thread) that you have posted the same thing many times, over the course of two (plus) years, offering it as a solution, when it does not solve the issue that many of us still have. The beauty of forums is their memory (deleted posts, notwithstanding) and anyone who is interested in this feature enough to put in a feature request is going to read what you have said repeatedly. My post got removed instead...we'll see my apologies in this post are accepted and allowed to remain. I add to this post, my contribution to the feature request (resurrected, better than it was before the post was deleted.) Dear Evernote, The Archive feature would be great if it worked similarly to Google Inbox and a myriad of other communication systems, like Customer Service Ticketing Systems: messages in these systems are tagged and sorted (much like our beloved notes get tags and live in notebooks), and once the communication in these messages is no longer valuable enough to require fast and easy access - they get archived. Archive searches have different user expectations - they're slower, turn up more results, etc...but they unburden the day-to-day search for recent and/or relevant information so it is faster and less bogged down with things that aren't valuable to day to day execution of processes. Thank you, in advance for the time you take to consider this feature, Me.
  4. How difficult is the process of migrating these notes to another account though? I have close to that many notes - many of which with images (as I was an avid user of the evernote moleskein for several years)...with the data quota of a basic account it could take months to actually put that solution in to action... I do agree that there is merit to this as a workaround - especially since multi-account support is a feature across all platforms now (I use all flavors of devices)... Thank you for sharing that info CalS! I assume at this point that my account has been reported...so I will take your suggestion and continue to look for ways to make Evernote work for me...I've paid a lot for what I use...so I'd really like to stick with it.
  5. I am disappointed that there's been absolutely no interest in this feature by anyone except those who have a use-case for it. Evernote seems more interested in creating new layers of paid features - and neglects this already popular feature request that I'm sure many of us would pay for. DTLow - what you constantly post is not a "solution" - it is a patch or band aid or workaround...I spent hours implementing it...it doesn't work for me. I set a timer every time I'm notified of another reply to this thread just to see how fast you'll respond with the same exact thing. If someone scrolls through this thread looking for a solution and makes the decision to add their request to the thread - I can guarantee that they've seen how you handle it and thought of several reasons why it won't work for them. I don't intend to be rude and I hope you don't view me as such... Evernote, give us a way to archive notes and entire notebooks to hide them from basic searches, offline sync. Bring Evernote into alignment with the architecture and functionality of Developer IDEs, Project Management philosophies, Enterprise Ticketing systems, Google Inbox (!) and more which all have archive features. It's not a foreign concept that will confuse people at this point. We're GIVING you ideas we'd pay for - and you've ignored them for years! At this point, I'd pay for a separate app that would integrate with Evernote if it gave me the functionality...
  6. thanks for clarifying - in this post (at least how I read it) it seemed like there was a second flavor of "archive" that Evernote actually did use. Glad I wasn't missing a half-feature! "repeatedly offered as a solution" is right - I get it, it may work for some, but I pay the same as every other premium user so I want a solution that works for me too!
  7. Agreed. We're all just users here... @cmaryon - is there a real "Archive" ish feature in Evernote? I've been looking and can't find anything that actually uses the word...do you have to create a new notebook?
  8. I had turned on smart filing so long ago that I did forget that there were other options - my apologies @DTLow Adding to the front of notebook names is certainly going to help a bit, thank you for adding that to the rote response about tagging (I know that I won't remember to exclude a tag in searches - congrats that it works for you - I just know myself enough to not even invest the time in it) @CalS - yes, sometimes deafening silence is the answer, but deafening silence does go two ways...this is why tech companies are feeling the need for good PR people (insert vague reference to most of Silicon Valley)
  9. Of course! The information I was referring to is based on process and organization - not company data...I get questions about how I personally did things or responded to requests - for the sake of precedent). I wasn't given the opportunity to train a replacement, so coworkers had come to me several times for that idiosyncratic information. I understand the various workarounds provided through this thread, and I am investigating whether any of them would work for me - including the process of exporting my data and establishing another account (which is a genuine user flight risk, I could just as easily start using OneNote since I already have a Skype/MS account). As someone who works in the technology sector (formerly as specialist support personnel), I am surprised that such a request - which has been rolling around for nearly four years (two-thirds of the time I've been paying for EN features) - has not received any response from an EN representative, even to say "this is not a feature request we can foresee adding based on a fundamental piece of code/fundamental part of our mission" My use-case is the same as others who have posted, my reason for posting is to add that the lack of this feature is actually having a crippling impact on the Web Clipper component of EN.
  10. I moved across country and have a new job in a different field. I do not need to see the dozens of notebooks of old notes and projects from my old job, unless I go looking for them specifically (as a favor to a former coworker). Web Clipper is constantly recommending that I place clips in these old notebooks - if I don't catch it (on mobile, for instance) I don't even know when the notes end up. WHY is this thread so many years old? Every year that passes means that more people have a use-case scenario for this and, quite frankly, will look for other note-taking options. I'd be lying if I said that this lacking feature hasn't made me want to just start using OneNote so I could have a clean slate for my new job.
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