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  1. ??? Open the note, Search in Note, tap the square bracket: goes straight to it! _END works equally well.
  2. Perhaps my tip was unclear: to use [END] including the square bracket, to avoid the search finding words like friend, commend, or even end! "endofnote" would work equally well, if autocorrect doesn't keep jumping in to add the spaces! I guess "end of note" is also relatively unusual text, yet both are significantly more to type, just to reach the end of the note. Come on, Evernote, please: either a button or a default position at the end of the note!
  3. A little bit harsh, Gazumped, especially to a newbie's first post - and he's making a valid point. Otherwise a great explanation, which helps us understand why it's still awaited.
  4. My trick of using [END] (or similar) IS and iOS trick - see the OP. On a Mac, just use cmd+down arrow, as Rona stated.
  5. My workaround is to put [END] after a couple of blank lines at the foot of most notes. Then, if I need to add to them on the phone etc, I can search for [ to quickly go to the end. You could use other rarely-used punctuation (combinations), as works for you. (This idea has been mentioned by others, above.) Come on, Evernote - put an end to "making do"!
  6. Yup, I'm scanning and OCR-ing prior to uploading - and ScanSnap is set to 150 dpi. I'm also NOT scanning the reverse of (e.g. credit card) bills, which have a HUGE amount of (the same) data on the reverse of every page. I've just scanned it once and will do so again every 6 months or so. I have a lot of paper (e.g. college notes) that I couldn't bear to part with, and so going paperless was my answer, since I was paying to (physically) store it. Not only was this expensive, but also impractical, since I needed to go to the offsite and search there or bring back folders/boxes and search and c
  7. Bless you. I edited a note and then it suddenly decided to show the correct info, i.e. 30 bytes of 60 MB resetting in 27 days. Thank you so much. As you can imagine, I've been waiting for 3 days to finish off scanning some documents and editing some notes (e.g. details of telephone conversations - whom I spoke to (in a call centre), when, what was agreed, etc). I too use ScanSnap so I can be paperLESS (i.e. LESS than before!), and had reached my limit thanks to being for several weeks and returning home to a pile. Recently, I needed to know when a particular product was ordered. I simp
  8. I fully understand. The (MacBook) app seemed to be hung on "less than 1 day" in its countdown to reset, so I logged in via the web (i.e. at evernote.com) and looked at my account details. There it said my usage was 60.0 MB and that the reset was 27 days away. When I relaunched the app, it said the same - and still does.
  9. When I logged in online, it upped my usage to 60.0 MB and that was it. Relaunching left me with a maxed-out usage (instead of zeroed) with a reset next month some 3 days fewer than anticipated.
  10. I am experiencing this problem. For the past 3 days, i have had 59.something MB and the days have counted down 3, 2, 1, then yesterday it was "less than 1 day". Today it was still showing the same after 0800 GMT (0000 PST), so I wondered if there was a glitch. I logged in via the web and my account settings report 60.0 MB used with 27 days to go until reset. Now when I look in the app (on the MacBook) it says the same. Help!
  11. The point is, scrolling from the bottom to the top on a device is simple (e.g. on iPhone, just tap the bar at the top of the screen), not so the other way around. Therefore, positioning the cursor at the end of the note makes it easy for the user, whichever s/he prefers.
  12. I started by adding to the bottom of a note, then discovered the issue with the app and instead now add to the top. It has benefits inasmuch as the start of the last note is the first thing you see in snippets and when opening the note. However, I then received an email relevant to an existing note. Naturally, I forwarded this to my Evernote account and then merged the two notes - of course, the email is at the bottom. If I were adding to my logs at the bottom of notes, this would be just fine. Further, adding to notes at the bottom also makes later reading easier. Consider keeping a journ
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