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  1. Could you elaborate? When I decrypt the text by typing in my current passphrase, I do not see any option for encrypting with a new passphrase. The option to encrypt is grayed-out.
  2. My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I could not find an answer to my question, which is "How can I change my encryption passphrase?" I have encrypted some text in a note, and while I remember the passphrase, I want to now change it. Not seeing a simple way to do this. I could copy the selected (unencrypted) text, make a new note, and re-encrypt, but surely there is another way... or is there?
  3. Running Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra) with Evernote version 6.14 Beta 2. I have several PDFs in my notes. Up until my most recent update to the app, I was able to click on a PDF (by hovering the mouse, I see a magnifying glass w/ plus sign) and enlarge it. It would open in a separate pane and I could enlarge it back to its original dimension. Suddenly those PDFs won't open/enlarge. I still see the magnifying glass, but clicking does nothing. I've quit & relaunched the app... same difference. ??? Barbara
  4. I will ask the teacher to unshare with me. Good thing she is still at my school!
  5. Diolch, Gazumped. I quit Evernote several times, to no effect. And yes, the notebook is still a live share from another teacher.
  6. When I right-click, "delete" is grayed out: And when I click on "Share notebook," I cannot delete myself from the list of shares -- the "X" is grayed out also.
  7. 2 years ago, a teacher shared a notebook with me and a dozen students. The teacher still works here; she is the owner. For some reason, I find I can neither delete or leave the notebook. I also can't delete myself as a member of the share. Is my only solution to ask the teacher to unshare the notebook with me? I seem to remember that I could leave other shared notebooks in the past... Any ideas? Mac Desktop App vs. 6.12 beta 2.
  8. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that you can open the app in different windows, thereby allowing you to sort notes differently that way. In my case (using the Mac app), I can open different tabs and view my notebooks with the sort order that's appropriate for that notebook. For now, it's a decent workaround.
  9. Yes indeed. Plan on it. Just tried it with my 2nd account and it worked well! Thank you all for your help. I love, love Evernote and want to see kids using it as much as possible.
  10. OK, I think what I might try is exporting my notebook (which will export all the notes) as an .enex file. I can email that file to all 170 kids. They can open Evernote and choose "Import Notes." Those come into a notebook called "Imported Notes" or something similar. Then all they have to do is rename the notebook. Whaddya think?
  11. So if I give them edit access, will they be editing JUST their own note or will their edits appear in all the other shares?
  12. Not exactly. That would wind up being 40 or 50 links. All 170 students have to click all those links. And each link opens in a new window, with a button that says "Save to Evernote." Then the student has to click the notebook he or she wants to save the link to. 40 or 50 times. Again, for my students who have ADD, issues with Executive Function, etc. -- that's a nightmare.
  13. I can publish a public link to a notebook, but then I get the option to "join the notebook" or view it. If my students "join" the notebook, then it's collaborative. Is that correct?
  14. Thank you both. The process is indeed what I want, only not with a note, but with a notebook. I work at a school for children who learn differently, so I'd like to keep the # of steps to a minimum.
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