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  1. Another BASIC feature Evernote can't get right. In fact, it just got even worse. I used to have to save to Pocket first in order to eliminate all the ads and gobbledygook, then save to Evernote. Now, thanks to a recent update, this no longer works. So disappointed in the Android app.
  2. The CNTL + D shortcut no longer works, so this hack doesn't either. Meanwhile, there is still no way to select multiple texts. This fact, in and of itself, shows how clueless the Evernote staff is when it comes to text editing features. All they need to do is have a REAL writers, REAL editors and others who actually WORK WITH TEXT to test the app. Not Evernote designers! When it comes to editing features, they suck.
  3. The mere fact that there is no way to select multiple texts at the same time shows how behind the curve the Evernote staff is regarding EDITING FEATURES. All they need to do is have REAL editors and REAL writers test the app!!! And listen to their comments!!! The Evernote staff - when it comes to text editing - are morons.
  4. This feature is so vital and useful for anyone who spends time in the app that it deserves its own shortcut. Any test user worth his or her salt would deem this functionality BASIC. Why after so many years is it still absent? How many test users does Evernote hire? Methinks these are the real questions.
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