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  1. The M1's are some of the cheapest systems Apple has ever made - and it's across desktop, all in one and laptop devices. You can buy a Mac mini for £600 which has more power and performance than anything you could possibly get close to with PC parts for that price - i've no idea how you think this is "excessive amounts" - you sound bitter and a bit daft.
  2. Absolute bizarre argument to make. What this comes off as "well this doesn't affect me so i'm glad they're not using developers time to address it". Hopefully in the future you won't have to deal with something that drastically degrades the performance of your entire system and runs like absolute ***** whilst someone else tells it "yeah well it's fine for me so i'm glad they're not looking at that" As you've pointed out, they don't even have to do the work - the Electron developers do the low level coding. Evernote 10 is nothing more than a glorified web app running in Chrome. Electron have updated the Chrome part which is why other developers have updated. If you don't have have an ARM processor the update won't affect you in any way - a bump to the framework version won't affect you - to say its "forcing another update on all users" is bizarre.
  3. Because Apple moving to a new architecture is a massive thing. It's bigger than updating to support the latest macOS updates which they manage to do. Further more it's not even them that need to do the work - the framework was updated months ago by the guys who program Electron. Just about all other apps, including electron apps have been updated for AS - there are now 4 models and counting and by the end of the year there will be more. If you're going to charge for a premium service you have to be prepared to make the premium apps or people will go elsewhere. It's bad enough that the native app across systems is just an Electron app which is a big step down from a proper native app. Whilst they argued it was for feature parity (which is a good reason) it's not great if that feature parity efficiency is a downgrade on the native app available before (and I personally think some things work better in Electron, like scrolling large pictures in a note is much smoother and was awful on the native app) It wouldn't bother other users at all - that's like saying "there's a big which breaks things for 5% of our user base, why bother fixing it when 95% aren't affected".
  4. Well Spotify have done it now - so over to you Evernote... the last remaining Intel app i'm running (oh and Dropbox)
  5. As far as I can see, none of the Mac electron apps are running native on M1. The big two being Evernote and Spotify. Many people are not fans of Electron based apps anyway. Effectively it’s like running an entire version of Chrome for one app. The massive file sizes and ram hogging comes with it. Even running on Intel Mac id have notes all go blank and require a relaunch. Same bug on M1 as well as force relaunches. The one thing the Electron based app gives us is smooth scrolling on notes with lots of images, like the web based version, the legacy app was woeful for that. Their grand vision for unifying apps hasn’t really worked though. Having an app that doesn’t compile in Xcode anymore means you can just recompile for Apple Silicon. Whilst electron have updated to v11 with AS support there must be a lot of changes in the code as none of the big apps have updated to the framework.
  6. Don't blame you. To be honest the app doesn't run much better on Intel, i've seen the same bugs on both. A lot of the time I get totally blank notes and I have to close and reopen it. Lot's more M1 Macs out now, and more Apple Silicon on the way and still Evernote and Dropbox can't get their act together.
  7. More Apple Silicon Macs released and still not even an Evernote beta...
  8. We still no closer to this? I assume with electron supporting Apple Silicon you'd be able to update to the latest version now. Evernote along with Dropbox are complete resource and process hogs on my M1 Mac.
  9. Over 4 years of people complaining about just adding a simple option to manually set a thumbnail and it still hasn't been implemented. Honestly, Evernote is my most important day to day too and yet I live with this awfully limiting and flawed software, no colour coding, no pinning notes to top, no flagging, no custom thumbnails - all really really basic features that could be added in a week and would improve the Evernote software ten fold?!
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