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  1. Doesn't work like that at all - there is a huge thread dating back years of this and the automatic algo Evernote employs of picking the "largest smallest" side of an image as the thumbnail, is pretty much useless for me, its never an image I want - it should be trivial to just right click on image and chose "set as thumbnail" then i can use an imagine which is actually useful to my sales log. Don't use multiple primary colours then? Use tasteful subtle gradients? But flagging and tags are not remotely similar. I want to use flags as a VISUAL indicator. Its visually that Evernote is severely lacking and from a design UI point of view is a clutter mess of look a like text - they could take huge inspiration from how OS X Mail looks. The coloured flags would appear before the title in a note - this way you'd see it quickly when scrolling your notes. The way I achieve this now is to use Emoji's to make things stand out. But to have it work like flags in OS X AND have the more advanced word based tags and filtering would be best (not that I ever use word based tags mind...seems pointless when search looks through your entire notes anyway...effectively every word is a tag, just type it into the search bar, so I don't use them at all) But thats not ideal is it. If you CHANGE the note it appears at the top, what if you're actively working on 8-10 notes in a shared notebook, it would be much more simple to pin the to-do note to the top of the list then let the other notes that are edited arranged themselves automatically below as they are changed, its just a much better way of working and once again, no one is forcing you to use it - in some note books just having the most recent changes at the top is ideal. In other note books it'd be better to be able to manually sort them (THERE ISN'T EVEN A MANUAL SORT OPTION!!)
  2. Thanks. What version of the app were you using before where this worked? Every single previous beta and full release since the note was originally created (I use it for my basic CRM system for each customer at the moment) it was created on 15th March and has copy and pasted with perfect formatting in every beta since (I auto update to each one) with no problems.
  3. Evernote is such a fantastic service which such basic under-developed software. My one grip about Evernote is that its always looked more difficult on the eye than it need to - in a subtle jarring way its hard to reading browse through notes and pick them out easily. They should take a few notes from Apple's Mail which essentially is doing the same thing with emails - flag sections (accessible from the side bar) with COLOURED flags would be an idea quick way to tag notes with wordless tags which are more visible. As would being able to colour the notes in list view, like you can again in mail to make certain ones pop out easier - and like the op the ability to sort notes the way you want, or better still, keep more recent appears at the top, but underneath notes you may have pinned there - like a rolling to do list and some important information for that note book project. Alas we'll probably never get any of this stuff as you'd have expected much of it to be on the drawing board for version 1!
  4. For some reason copying a note with tables and formatting in and pasting it to a new note is broken in this beta. For instance, this https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8a0adr9quzquhh/Screenshot%202015-05-14%2017.09.02.jpg?dl=0 Should be formatted like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/ghzn2qgse5w2d09/Screenshot%202015-05-14%2017.09.56.jpg?dl=0 Its never broken before...
  5. I love Evernote, use it daily and it's the heartbeat of my business and life. But there are just so many simple features missing from the desktop app that would be simple to implement and would make life so much easier. 1. Choosing your own thumbnail image! Guys - there's a thread where people have been asking for this for 4 years!! How hard would it be to add a "right click -> set as thumbnail" option really? And now - some stuff from Apple Mail. 2. Colour notes - just let us set the colour of notes in the list view so we can spot certain types of notes visually a lot easier. 3. Flag notes - again, like setting the background colour but another option and simple to implement, but also the ability to click flag colours to display all notes across notebooks with that colour flag...a visual, simple, wordless tag. 4. Ability to pin notes to the top of a notebook - all this time, newest edits make notes jump to the top. Surely it would be really easy to add the option to allow us to pin notes to the top, So we could have reusable to-do lists, or important topics always at the top, and anything underneath continues to reorder with most recently edited first. Those four features would honestly make Evernote perfect for me, id never need another update again!
  6. Over 4 years of people complaining about just adding a simple option to manually set a thumbnail and it still hasn't been implemented. Honestly, Evernote is my most important day to day too and yet I live with this awfully limiting and flawed software, no colour coding, no pinning notes to top, no flagging, no custom thumbnails - all really really basic features that could be added in a week and would improve the Evernote software ten fold?!
  7. I would very much like to see a sidebar widget, like the one in iOS8 for quick note taking and i'd like to see if at all possible Handoff, but I'm not sure everything has to be on iCloud Drive for that to work. Judging by the virtually broken implementation by Pages/Numbers/Keynote it won't be good if it does.
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