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  1. ahmed younes.... Yes there is an option... but whenever you annotate anything, you must manually UNCHECK the box every single time you annotate a note. It's extremely annoying. What we were suggesting is to have an option in preferences that either (Always included annotation summary) as a default OR (Never include annotation summary) as a default. This way if you're not interested in including the summary, you don't have to uncheck the box every time. Make sense?
  2. For crying out loud this request has been going on forever. (272 replies) It is OBVIOUS it would be a great step forward for Evernote. Why is this option so difficult to add?
  3. So if I am NOT using Skitch, as I honestly haven't found the benefit of using it yet vs. annotating directly in Evernote, then I just go back in and uncheck the "Annotation Summary" box?
  4. Lots of good info and insight here. I truly appreciate it folks. I will give the work around of using tags as hierarchy folders a try. I'm always up for trying something that may possibly benefit my workflow. I really like to streamline things as much as possible. It's all about economy of motion. It's my hope that if this topic keeps being re-visited again, and again, and again, that the software designers will see the potential benefit in implementing said changes. Sure there's a huge possibility that it'll never change. But unless you ask, it most likely won't happen. And Jefito:
  5. I'm a very visual person, so for me it's easier for me to remember things by how they look than by remembering a tag. Plus I don't have a cluster f*** of tags all over the place. I try to keep my tags simple so they are easily searched. If I know that a certain folder is in a certain place, then it helps me keep things more effectively organized. Searching for tags (set A - subset 1) and so on kind of defeats the purpose of tags. I'd rather have a tag for "medical" and have all my medical documents in different folders under "military", "VA", and "civilian", and then if I want to pull up
  6. I just don't get why they don't leave it up to the user whether they want to use tags or folders, or both. I can see the qualities of both, so why not include both and let the users decide for themselves how they would like to utilize the system? It's not my software, I get it. But it seems like it would be so easy to accommodate both types of users, or even allow users to bridge from one way of thinking into another. Thanks for everyone's input and ideas!!!
  7. I'm still getting used to Evernote, however I believe I have a pretty good grasp of its capabilities. The inability to create any more than three levels (stacks, notebooks, notes), also drives me bat-***** crazy. I have some self-development programs that include several pdf books and also audio recordings broken down into chapters. I would like to categorize them under the stack "Self Development", then under a notebook for "Programs", and then under a sub-notebook that contains the name of the program, and then the individual notes that include the separate parts of the program. -Self D
  8. I too would like to see highlighting in different colors. I am partially color blind, and the light yellow does not stand out nearly enough as other colors like green. Considering highlighting can be done in a variety of colors while annotating, it would be great to see this feature for text as well!
  9. I whole heartedly agree that the automatic selection of the "Include Annotation Summary" is quite an annoyance when performing any type of annotation. I make annotations often in all of my files that I scan in. I have no intention of sharing these files with peers. If I accidentally forget to uncheck this box, then you must delete the entire file and rescan the item as the annotations cannot be removed after they are included. (Correct me if I am wrong please). The simple solution is to have an option in preferences for "Always include annotation summary" in which you can check the box y
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