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  1. In spite of any recent Press Releases.. sometimes I get the feeling that there just aint a bunch of coding going on at all ...and, even less attention to anything we may have to say.. unfortunately.
  2. I've had Win10 on Dark Mode since it became an option .. made no difference to EverNote though.. And, I let my sub expire here & using (at least for now) the Notion Workspace software (in Dark Theme/Mode) which was easy-peazy to implement right in the menu. But, I'm keeping an eye out here still in the hope that they'll have some change of heart if they want this huge portion of their potential base to take them seriously. Lately, all their talk about taking their Customers seriously ..well, for years any of that's been just that -talk..
  3. Agreed. It should not matter what system you're using, this feature should be available across the board, period.
  4. Well, I wanted an easier solution to have something Not glaring in my face and someone else mentioned "Notion Workspace" and OMG, it works in the browser, android, ios and I've got it installed on my Windows desktop now too.. And, it's got easy Dark Mode choice as well as themes .. I'm so happy right now.! > https://www.notion.so/ Have a look and see what you think. It's not from them here but, after literally years of waiting.. I'm using something else now.
  5. Well, I gave them some $ but, declined to continue when it became glaringly obvious they were anything but tuned-in to what features & options so many in addition to myself were repeatedly asking for.. I'm still open to resuming my financial relationship with Evernote should they ever change their stance ..but, it has been more than a couple of years now too.
  6. Agreed, many companies are just pumping out code and not paying attention to what their customer base wants or needs or is even just requesting an option for. In light of this, our monetary support is what makes the largest impact on any company selling a product. And, sharing between ourselves info regarding companies that do seem to be interested in what end-users want & need.. and definitely I want to know of any who have offerings that fit our particular avenue of interest.!
  7. I don't think anyone's expecting a in-program theme to do anything to "clipped web pages" so, that should be a non-issue. What I believe we're all desiring is the interface and work areas that we create in, texts, lists, reports, etc to be themed, not changing the colors of imported or other graphics. Nobody's asking it to be a one-in-all converter of html, css, svg or whatever.. that would truly be on the insane side. Just a dark theme, you know, like you can pick for overall use in Win10..., and a growing number of other apps daily.
  8. One huge difference about your sheet of paper though, it only reflects light.. it doesn't emit it's own.. put it in dim light, it's not going to blind you.. take that screen though and place in a dark environment.. then you will immediately be able to tell the difference. Some of us have limits on how much light you can throw in our eyes and not have us pay a price for trying to deal with it.. so, you're comparing that with something that is, to us, completely different. Do you see a little better now.. another point of view & preference.? I hope so. This same thing keeps popping up from the very beginning of this thread and it kind of surprises me that the most basic difference isn't glaringly obvious. *shrug
  9. It's been very difficult to gauge what the people at Evernote are even thinking. I think there has been a total of Zero response from them about this issue in all this time. From time to time there is the response from some casual forum member who has jumped to a conclusion that we only want it to be completely dark ... even have to wonder at them, do they not use other modern software that has "Themes" and gives them choices. With the amount of requests over the long period of time ~and no response at all.. I can only assume their thoughts are that we are to; "Use it the way we give it to you -- or don't use it -- We don't care" I don't know what other conclusion it's possible to reach. I've kept in the forum on the ever-decreasing hope that they'll actually decide to be responsive to customer requests. But, their software is gone from my systems and so is my financial support. If they decide that their customers are of any value, I'll be happy to reconsider.
  10. I'm with you. Except now that my subscription ran out, I'm not paying any more until they finally acknowledge that we've been asking about this for literally YEARS now. Who would have thought any company could so totally ignore it's user-base.?
  11. Greetings ..to ..well, anyone who may see it.

    I'm pretty much single-minded in why I am a member of the forum. (a previously-paying member) Now, I've withheld renewal, because I want/need a proper, dark theme for the windows client of Evernote.

    I do have less tolerance for systems that utilize large areas of bright white background. Hence, my single request from Evernote for a dark theme. At first I was highly encouraged that there was a large user-base of people who also wanted this from Evernote, either for Windows, Android or iOS / MacOS.  However, in the years I have been participating and repeatedly asking for it (along with everyone else), it becomes apparent that Evernote's management, programmers or suits, don't seem to care about this request. I remain part of this forum community because I would like to know if they ever do either decide to listen to or provide for Us, their user base, the aforementioned dark theme.

    I wish each of you well, and the best of luck. However, I don't intend to go through hacking into the software with a hex editor or, however it's being done lately.  I either want it to be as easy as looking through a theme library and being able to choose to download or install it as easily as I'm able with Simple StickNotes, SeaMonkey or FireFox, Windows10, their Media Player, VLC media player, Winamp player, KODI or any number of other bits of software that I use a lot or only from time to time. This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable request. I am, as to be expected, quite puzzled as to why Evernote just ignores their user base to this extent. I have never seen a single note or reply from them in the forum subjects which request the dark theme.

    So, I'll leave you with this.. You may choose to not pay them, as is probably your best leverage since they don't make money if you don't buy their products, or, you may choose to pay them and continue in the hopes that they will be more likely to listen to you if you are a paying customer.  I've chosen the former since the latter had no effect whatsoever and I am choosing to not support a company which ignores it's customers.

    All my best to you, to Evernote, and yours.

    Sincerely, Myrddin R Emrys :: 21 July 2017


  12. Oh hell yeah.! Signed and posted to my twitter too. -Thanks for doing/sharing this.!!!!!!
  13. I do hope something will get through to them. My renewal just came and went, I did not renew this time. So, I'm no longer a paying customer -- until they decide to listen to their customers again.
  14. They really ought to just make it where the individual can either use a preset palette or, make a custom and possibly even put it in the forum to share. Either way though, I certainly sympathize with ya Connie Mountain. Unfortunately, as you've noticed already, they don't appear to mind losing business.
  15. And, as I reminded them in their Android Dark Theme forum request...... Evernote, You know our Birthday is coming along soon. You didn't forget did you? We Really Really Really want a Dark Theme for our Birthday... Hint HINT H I N T .!.!.!. ;-)
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