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  1. Well even just a dark theme for notes I'd be happy enough with myself and it's better than nothing at all. The lesser the task the more likely they'll be willing to take it on.board. And conversely, the greater the task, the less willing.
  2. I think if anything it showcases a lack of ability. I'm sorry but It couldn't be that great a task, a simple alteration of a few colours, to be ignored for 4 years. Perhaps they've taken on new staff without the requirements of something like a uni degree. The only other reason I can think of is budgetary concerns. But then, a happier user base brings greater profits so it's hard to see that being the main obstacle. Admit it developers, new or not, you don't have the skills and you don't know what you're doing.
  3. I always wonder what the point of Feature Request forums are when the developers don't take notice of people's requests. I mean seriously, if a suggestion with 254 Up votes gets rejected/ignored about a simple ability to change the background colour to black and the font colour to white, you may as well close the whole forum down.
  4. Only reason I found this forum, Googling to see if there's a dark theme option. So many apps have this, Jota, Wikipedia, checklist apps, even Dolphin Browser. And yet not Evernote!
  5. I don't know but it pisses me off as well. I've pressed close on the "How to get the most out of your inbox" popup about 7 times yet the thing keeps coming back up. And now I'm getting repeat messages in my notifications bar about some other feature that I couldn't give two hoots about. Speaking as someone who also writes software, this is just poor design. The developers obviously don't carry out very thorough testing before each new release or they would have noticed this. Get your act together, Evernote.
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