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  1. I have been told that Evernote dev team are aware of the problem. They told me that fixing Spotlight on Mojave is going to break Spotlight for High Sierra since Apple has changed how Spotlight works. Some of the recent updates of Evernote has broken Spotlight support on High Sierra. So I guess this means that Evernote is changing to adapt for Spotlight on Mojave. MS Outlook still supports Spotlight on High Sierra, but has informed me they are having the same problem with Mojave. This is very annoying and is slowing me down a lot.
  2. Outlook has the same problem under Mojave so it seems Apple changed how Spotlight is indexing.
  3. Yes I am also wondering when they are going to bring back spotlight indexing that has been broken since upgrading to Mojave. Outlook has the same problem BTW.
  4. I have been told this is a known bug that Evernote is working on fixing.
  5. Worst update EVER! I seriously can not remember ever having had so much problems since I signed up for this service at version 1.0 many years ago. But perhaps its like a woman giving birth and I have forgotten earlier pain since there is so much pleasure in between. When can we expect next version please?
  6. This version is the most buggy I have seen in several releases. I am using it on Macbook Pro with 10.10. Notes opened via Spotlight search open blank page and i have to close window and do another search in Evernote to bring the note in view. I am also not able to copy text from notes with command-C. Hope you come with a new update soon.
  7. There is something funny with my Evernote for Mac. I think it in particular affects files that are acquired with the Safari web extension. Drag and dropping files into Evernote seems to be better.
  8. As you can see from the attached screenshot Evernote wont even index text in this PDF file. The only search result is in the note title. I have also attached the actual PDF file. Many of my PDF files are like this. Opening in an external PDF reader and then drag and dropping into Evernote will often fix the problem. digishockxt_pages.pdf
  9. I am unable to search most of my pdf files. I have to open them in Skim or other PDF reader to search within them. I always wondered about this problem since Evernote boldly states that it will index all PDF. And forget about files that have been scanned. They will never index. Perhaps there is a problem with my installation. Using Evernote on Mac.
  10. Evernote is getting better and better, but I have lost preview of PDF with this last update. I have to open the PDF attachment to read it. Sometimes it helps to restart Evernote. Hope this bug will be fixed on next update. I am super excited about all the new improvements. Thank you Evernote!
  11. Interesting. I thought this feature was disabled under version 6. At least I can not get Evernote to select notes like this any more. EDIT: I see now that I can get the selection like before if I select the correct view.
  12. I can not find the database in Containers or CoreData. I can find files generated by Evernote but they are only a few kilobyte, so the database must be somewhere else. I am trying to investigate why I am having problems seeing finding any of my notes with Spotlight (after a fresh install I can not find any) so I am interested to know where Evernote stores its database file.
  13. After reviewing different threads regarding spotlight and Evernote I decided to give a try to a fresh install. I quit the Evernote helper Menu app and used App Delete to move everything to the trash. Then emptied trash and rebuilt permissions and restarted. Then installed Evernote downloaded from Evernote.com making sure to eject the Evernote install image before starting up. After 2 days spotlight has not indexed a single note in my Evernote database. I have have also deleted and rebuilt the spotlight index 2 times to no avail. Can somebody confirm that they have managed to get Spotlight to work with Evernote on Macs with latest Yosemite and Evernote 6.0.7? Please confirm that your spotlight is also indexing note content by following the suggestion in my previous post. Does anybody know the function of the following Evernote folder in the Library? Users ▸ username ▸ Library ▸ CoreData ▸ com.evernote.Evernote ▸ FB66CCAA-9ADD-42A3-8B08-E858BF37608F ▸ ENNote ▸ _records It contains several files of the form "pxxxx.enspot" where xxxx is a number. Clicking the file opens a corresponding note in Evernote. Perhaps this folder has something to do with spotlight, but all the files are of 0 kilobyte and there are only 300 so files while my database contains several thousand notes.
  14. Evernote may appear to work with Spotlight, but indexing is poor and unreliable. Its not so bad if what you are searching for is contained in a note title, but it is very poor for note content. It used to work just as well for Evernote notes as for other documents on the hard disk, but not any more and I believe all Evernote users are affected. Here is what you can try to confirm that you are affected as well. Find or add an unique email address or a text string in one of your notes and search for it in Spotlight (from the Finder). I believe Evernote broke Spotlight around version 5.6. Everything seemed to be working perfectly up to around then. Well not perfectly, as I had been switching between the App store version and download version and therefore had duplicate Evernote search results, but at least I found everything I was searching for if it was there. The only way to do a reliable search today is to enter Evernote. At least that is still working.
  15. Spotlight and Evernote have not been working together since version 5.6. That is my experience. It is very sad. I have to open Evernote and search there to be certain to find what I am searching for.
  16. I have a similar problem. A Spotlight search from the Finder will only list Evernote notes that have the search string in the note title. It is not possible to find notes with search string inside the note itself and searching within Evernote is the only way to be sure that all notes containing the search string will be listed. I have this exact problem on 2 different Mac machines that have access to my Evernote account. The problem started around version 5.5. I originally installed the free version of Evernote 1.3 in 2008 through the Applestore. After that I have mostly downloaded new versions through Macupdate.com or let Evernote update itself. I was not aware that the Applestore version of Evernote stores notes differently from the download version.
  17. I am using desktop version 6.0.3 for mac. the undo function cmd-z stopped working long time ago for title changes. just try it yourself and you will see. we therefore need a lock function to make unintended changes more difficult. perhaps a double click or something simple like that to enable editing of the title field is enough.
  18. Hello, I have a problem that a lot of my notes get their titles changed by accident. This can easily happen when searching as the cursor often is moved to the title field of the note. A change of title will in turn make it difficult to find back to the note. I spend a lot of my time in Evernote looking for notes that had their title changed by accident and changing the titles back to original. This is currently my biggest frustration with the program. I therefore request a lock for the not title, or a confirmation dialog, to protect the title from unintended edits.
  19. I am still having problems with Spotlight search from outside of Evernote. It seems that from version 5.6 I lost the ability to find notes with Spotlight unless the keyword is in the title of the note. The only way to be sure to find notes is to use the search feature inside Evernote. Can you please confirm if it is supposed to be like this.
  20. I just got the message that Evernote is migrating my notes. Got this a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded to 5.6.0 so strange that I should get it again. Perhaps the migration did not work well and that is why I am having Spotlight issues. Did a new Spotlight search a few hours after the second migration, but it did not seem to change anything. I have therefore upgraded to 5.6.1 and I hope this helps. Will report back later.
  21. I was happy with the functionality at version 4. A document database with a good Spotlight search is one of my most important requirements. This version is a step back in this respect. Although I am able to find most documents by searching within Evernote itself it is interrupting to my work flow to have to switch to Evernote to do a search if Spotlight does not get the result.
  22. Wow, that is weird. So we have opposite problems. Perhaps I should try to rebuild my Spotlight index. It is going to take a few days to get my 2TB of data reindexed, but it is going to be worth it to have the functionality back.
  23. It seems this update removes Spotlight's ability to index content of PDF files in my Evernote database. It seems that version 5.6 only lets Spotlight index the titles of the notes and not the content. Can somebody confirm this.
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