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  1. We just released Evernote for Mac 6.2 Beta 2 which makes side-by-side view on El Capitan work. Read more about it here.
  2. Today we shipped Evernote for Mac 6.2 Beta 2. This release continues to fix issues in the Beta 1 release. Some of the highlights are: 1) Fixed renaming tags and notebook names. 2) Fixed key commands around tags and moving notebooks. 3) Fixed an issue where the app would switch to note view when syncing. 4) Tooltips are now working so you can see your tags and notebook name. They are also localized so if your system is in a foreign language, you will be able to read the tooltips now. 5) Tags are working a lot better...you should now see ellipses if there are more tags than can fit in the field but it's still a little visually flaky. 6) Fixed a copy paste issue with tables. 7) Removed inline markdown-inspired formatting. 8) Clicking at the bottom of the note will put the note into edit mode. 9) You shouldn't see the font drop down say default anymore. It will display the actual font name. And lot of other bug fixes. What didn't we fix yet? 1) Some people are not seeing the Evernote window when launching. We haven't figured out how to fix that issue yet. 2) Hang on launch on El Cap. A number of people are reporting this issue but we're having a hard time reproducing it. This might be entirely unrelated to El Cap. It sounds like some people are being forced to reindex their notes which is pretty CPU intensive so this might be why it feels like the app is hanging or it could be an actual hang. I've reached out to those customers directly and hopefully we can figure out what is going on. As always, thanks ahead of time for your feedback and bug reports. You can download the Beta 2 from this link here.
  3. We're having a really hard time reproducing this issue. It doesn't happen for most people. I've reached out to a few of you on this issue and asked for process samples. You said that you were looking into a fix for when the public completed version of El Capitan released. Still the same issue except the "-webkit-standard"has been changed to "Default" - but its still bolded gotham that cannot be unbolded! I would try to go to Preferences: Formatting and change the default font/style used. This will fix your issue. The drop down doesn't really affect what fonts and style are used as the default font in notes. In regards to the Default issue. I don't think the fix made it into Beta 1 but its now fixed in Beta 2. Yup. It sucks with 6.1 but is awesome in 6.2 Beta 1 & 2. Here's a link to the Beta 2 forum.
  4. Actually for this first release of the mini-sidebar we won't have it. It's really only for temporary use while in split view. However a bunch of us around the office like it a lot and would rather run this minimal sidebar instead of the full size one and would like to have all the same features. Do you think you would run this mini-sidebar full time? This has actually been the design of the sidebar since Evernote for Mac 5.x so this is not a bug. With that said, I've heard loud and clear that many don't like this design.
  5. We're investigating this but haven't figured out the root cause. It only affects a small select group of people. If you have anything unique about your system that you think may help us figure out why it only happens on a few systems, please let us know. For example, do you always run in full screen mode or something like that. I'm guessing these 2 are related. I'm not able to reproduce this on my El Cap machine running the same AppleScript or dragging and dropping a file to the icon. Can you think of any reason why your system would be different or unique?
  6. If you would like to try the 6.2 Beta 2 release candidate you can download it from here.
  7. I'm not able to reproduce this issue. Tooltips weren't working in Beta 1 which made this a lot harder but you'll be able to hover over the notebook and tags to be able to see the entire name and all of your tags. And again. EN crashed. I sent in a bug report via the tool. I have the log as well. Also, can anyone annotate a PDF? I cannot get the "Annotate PDF" or "Annotate copy of PDF" to show up in the right-click menu. None of the normal tools are there - cannot rename the PDF either. I can annotate using the annotate icon in the upper right, but the right-click menu seems boogered up. The contextual menu was totally broken in the beta. This will be fixed shortly. We're getting a Beta 2 ready for everyone that will have fixes for many of the bugs you've reported like being unable to rename tags and widths of columns getting lost or growing. Once it's built I'll post a link to the release candidate here. Thanks again to everyone for posting your comments and bugs. You're finding some great issues.
  8. If you use our web clipper browser plug-in the original URL is saved and you'll see the URL in our toolbar. Just to be clear, the URL does not get saved in the note itself but is part of the note data and is displayed on the right side of the toolbar. If you click on it, you will be taken back to the original page.
  9. Having the title stay or scroll is a definitely personal thing. I've heard a number of people express an interest in having the title stay and a number of people that like it scrolling away. We decided to keep it scrolling to continue to try to maximize the editing space. Do others want a feature to keep the title static? Unfortunately, there's a bug in 6.2 beta where you can't rename a tag in the tag view. For now you'll have to use the web client to change the tag name.
  10. Oh my goodness...great find! We'll get someone on it. Great suggestions on toolbar improvements. The plan is to continue improving it over time. Sorry about the column widths. We just put a fix in so they don't auto-expand but we should probably check on your particular issue where the first column gets huge. Thanks for reporting this. Ahh...yes renaming notebook is also broken. Thanks for reporting this.
  11. Thanks for letting us know you like the shrinking sidebar and new editor. Currently we do not support shortcuts in the mini-sidebar. This is what I meant when I said it's really meant as a temporary sidebar for when the window is narrow. Would you use it more if it had shortcuts?
  12. If people would like to automatically get the beta releases, please go to Preferences : Software Update and check the "Update to beta versions when available" checkbox. If you want to download directly you will always be able to find it in my original forum post but here it is again. Mac 6.2 Beta 1.
  13. I'm not able to reproduce this. Is anyone else seeing this issue? I'm seeing this as well. Fully up to date 10.10, beta evernote just downloaded a few minutes ago. Almost like the mainWindow.show() is set to not show by default or something, or the app is restoring a state of the main window being closed or something. Is there debugging I can do to help out with this? Thanks for confirming that 2 of you are seeing this issue so we'll investigate more.
  14. Thanks for reporting this issue. We'll start looking at it.
  15. Yes, not too much new just yet but more to come.
  16. Thanks for finding this issue and reporting it in the forum. We're investigating it now.
  17. How many people are not seeing the new toolbar. If you aren't then we have a bug. It should look like this...
  18. Yes, you're right. Mac and Windows both now have the common editor which means both platforms will get any new functionality that the common editor team builds. Once this common editor is deployed to the mobile platforms then those platforms will also get the new functionality but also more importantly the notes will be rendered in a consistent way. The way bullets look is a great example of this. A new common editor means consistent rendering of notes across platforms and a consistent set of features. To get to the stage where a single editor can be used by many platforms has been a multi-year process. The exciting news for all of us is that all of those engineers who have been working for the past year on building infrastructure will soon be able to turn their attention to adding new features to the editor. As a user of Evernote, I can't wait for improved table support . I'm guessing a lot of you would agree with me.
  19. I'm not able to reproduce this. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  20. The new editor has been on the Mac since last year but the common editor team has been working on getting it ready to be deployed to all of Evernote's major platforms most specifically on Windows. As some of that work winds down they can now turn their focus to adding features to the editor and the new basic markdown functionality is the first fruits of that work.
  21. This is not a bug but the way that Mac editor has worked since last year. There was a decision to remove spaces before and after bullets. The problem with the old model is that people who didn't like the space had no way to remove it. Removing the extra space provides the best solution for all customers because those that like it can add it manually. When the new editor gets rolled out to all major platforms this is the way it's going to work everywhere.
  22. We've added some basic markdown features to the latest Evernote for Mac 6.2 Beta 1 which we just released today. This includes a basic code block by using the accent mark to designate the code block. Read more at my forum post.
  23. We've just released Evernote for Mac 6.2 Beta now with narrower windows. Download and read more about it in my forum post.
  24. I'm now closing this thread since we've now released Evernote for Mac 6.1.1 and 6.2 beta.
  25. I don't see this behavior with EN Mac 6.0.15 or .11 running either Mavericks or Yosemite. I haven't seen it reported by anyone else. So maybe it's something specific to your setup. Probably best to submit a bug report so Evernote will have all of your details. Maybe something is corrupt in your install. Have you tried a app reinstall, or a clean reinstall? Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG: " to make it clear. Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners. Other Ticket types available to Free users are "Data Loss", "Crash", & "Sync Issue". Interesting that you say this hasn't been reported. This crash happens to me about 25% of the time when I am typing in the search box. When the application comes back up, I fill in the report form - I have lost track of how many times I have done this. Isn't anyone looking at these reports? I am running Evernote 6.1 on MacOS 10.10.5 and it just happened again - didn't get the report form this time. I will follow your link and raise a support ticket. Thank you for sending us the crash reports. We read them and will fix the top crashing issues every release but the priority is set by the number of people affected and/or if it's something easy for us to reproduce which in turn makes it easy for us to fix. I know the exact crash that you're hitting and this is one of those issues that is very rare and we can't reproduce it. 3 people reported this crash in the last release. I'm not sure when we'll have a chance to review it but the fact that 2 people have now reported it in the forum makes it a higher priority and bumps it up on my list.
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