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  1. Today we're releasing Evernote for Mac 6.5 Beta 2 which has a number of improvements over Beta 1. Here's a list of things to try out. This was actually in 6.5 Beta 1 but I forgot to mention it. We fixed the Tag Filter so that it now respects symbols and emoji. In other words if you type ".nb" with a period it should find ".nb". Before this wouldn't work. We fixed an issue where checkboxes weren't printing. We fixed an issue where deleting in a table cell would move the cursor and sometimes text from one cell to the previous one. We fixed the top 2 crashes from Beta 1. As always thanks for trying this out and let us know of any issues you run into. We really appreciate all of your help. Here's a link to download Beta 2. Also, here's a link to the 6.5 Beta 1 forum post so you can also read up on that release.
  2. Thanks for this feedback. Some of the limitations we have are due to the different editors in the different versions of Evernote on the various platforms. Once we move everything to the same common editor it will be a lot easier to make these types of changes. I'm not able to reproduce this issue. The Shift is required to increase or decrease files. Thanks. Cool idea. We aren't changing the arrow keys. The keys that work to increase or decrease font size is the greater than and less than keys or moe specifically "," and ".". We thought long and hard about this change and feel that this is the right change. 1) CMD + + and CMD - - is the universal standard for Zoom in Safari and Chrome and in many other apps. We felt this would be used often and should follow the standard. 2) Resizing the font will be used less in Evernote since many people never format their notes. However, for those that do format their notes, we also felt that following the key commands of the top 2 word processors (MS Word and Google Docs) is the best option since people are familiar with these applications. It almost doesn't matter what the Mac standards are if the top 2 word processors use a different set of keys. They define a standard that people know and are familiar with. We could have tried to do a hybrid approach like Mail where we would increase the font size if text is selected and zoom if it's not and we tried this and it didn't feel right. People might accidentally increase the font size when all they wanted to do is to increase the note size. We also could have followed Apple Pages which reverses these keys using zoom with the greater than and less than keys and + and - for font size but again we decided that Zoom was the more important key command to align with because of how Evernote is used. What do other people think?
  3. This is a Mac only feature for now but is implemented in our common editor in a way that the Windows team can adopt it when they want.
  4. We just released Evernote for Mac 6.5 Beta 1 with some cool new beta features to try out one of which might get people in this particular forum really excited. Read more at my 6.5 Beta forum post.
  5. We just released Evernote for Mac 6.5 Beta 1 with some cool new beta features to try out one of which might get people in this particular forum really excited. Read more at my 6.5 Beta forum post.
  6. Today we’re releasing Evernote for Mac 6.5 Beta 1. We’ve been laser focused on quality so 6.5 mostly has a bunch of under the hood stability fixes. Some of these are big changes and could actually cause more instability so please report back if you're seeing weird behavior or increased crashes. Even though we've been mostly working on stability stuff we have a few cool things we’ve added to the Mac client. 2 weeks ago Evernote held it’s first ever hackweek where everyone stopped their day-to-day work to spend a week designing, prototyping and building whatever they had a passion to work on as long as it was related to Evernote or could help Evernote customers. There were 54 separate teams and lots of really cool stuff produced. A couple of these cool things are showing up in this release. Here are some highlights of 6.5 Beta 1. Change We’ve changed the increase and decrease font size key command. It used to be CMD + "+" and CMD + “-“. We are now changing this and aligning it with MS Office and Google Docs so the new key command will be CMD+SHIFT+> and CMD+SHIFT+<. This leaves CMD +”+” and CMD + “-“ for another feature . Beta Features (Hackweek) Zoom - One of our hack week features is the ability to zoom in or out of your note content. Unfortunately it’s not quite finished yet but since so many of you have been asking for this for so long we decided to include it as a beta feature that you can turn on with the understanding that there are still a few bugs. I don’t think the issues are that bad. For example, if you Zoom in and your image reaches the width of the note it will start to shrink when you try to zoom in. Also you can’t really resize an image when zoomed in. To try it out go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable zoom. Code Block - Another of our hack week features is code block which lots of our software engineers wanted to have in Evernote. This basically takes any selected text and converts it to a monospaced font and creates a grey background around the line of text. This also has a few bugs. I wouldn’t recommend turning this feature on if you are an Android user because editing the note on Android will undo the code block. This works fine if you’re using the Common Editor beta version of Android but will break using the standard Android app. To try it out go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable code block. Bug Fixes We improved the performance of downloading a large number of tags on initial sync. We do not have a fix yet for an issue that cropped up in 6.4 where checkboxes don't print. We're still working on it. As always, thanks for testing the Mac 6.5 Beta 1 release and please report issues you find in this forum thread because I'm tracking it closely. Also let us know about your experience with Zoom and Code Block. You can download the beta here or wait for the upgrade notice to appear in the app which should happen in the next few days.
  7. Hmm, doesn't seem to work for me, but I'm glad not everyone is having to close and reopen it! I think this is a bug we've known about for awhile but haven't had time to fix yet. In other words this isn't new in 6.4. I believe the issue is that you can't nest a tag until the parent tag is synced. Try forcing a sync first by clicking on the sync button and then nesting should work. This is why some people can reproduce it but others can't. It's just a matter of timing because we'll eventually auto sync it. We'll take a look but I think that's the work around for now.
  8. Our design team is looking at an information architecture overhaul because of the reasons you site and other issues. I agree that if it's going to take a long time to redo this stuff then we'll fix highlighting sooner than later but if it's just around the corner then we'll wait. This is what I'm waiting to find out in the next few weeks.
  9. Great idea to make this something separate that people can vote on. I like the idea of the lock. I would use it. Yah, it's funny the Mac app has been this way for probably more than 2 years so it's not a new change but people are just noticing it now most likely because the highlight is so prominent in the new design or they are switching over from Windows. Quite honestly this isn't a big deal for most people because only a small percentage of people display the note list and tag list in the sidebar. If you don't have these on I don't think it's really a big deal. It probably doesn't hurt to vote this up but I don't think there's anyone here that wants to keep the current behavior. It's just a matter of effort and timing. We've got some big redesign projects going on so the question is whether we wait and do all of the changes together or do the selection change now and risk having to redo it again later. I'm waiting to see how things pan out in the next few weeks.
  10. FYI. I just published the Mac App Store version so 6.4 is available to everyone.
  11. Ahh, you meant Windows. Sorry about that. I'm not sure. I'll ping them to let them know this is a feature you'd like to see.
  12. I'm not sure why you ended up in this mode by default. It should only occur when the window is too small to display the note view. Once you drag the window wider again it would pop back out automatically. The behavior you're seeing where its permanently the mini-sidebar should only occur if you manually shrank the sidebar to be that size. Anyway, I'm glad it's working for you now.
  13. We've had this ability for a month. Just go to the formatting tab in preferences in Evernote for Mac 6.3 and turn it off.
  14. I'm not able to reproduce this issue using 6.4. When you mouse over to the right edge of the sidebar and click and drag it doesn't grow wider? Is anyone else seeing this in full screen view?
  15. We designed this as a temporary sidebar for when you're using El Cap's side by side view and the full sidebar doesn't fit or some like to run it always because they like the cleaner look. As JMichael says you can simply drag it wider to see everything again.
  16. We plan on shipping Evernote for Mac 6.4 today. I'm just waiting for my test team's final approval. Here's a link to the post http://bit.ly/1MXEgtq.
  17. Today we be launched Evernote for Mac 6.4 (build 452969). Here’s a link to the release. The Mac App Store version has also been released. Here are the official release notes: New Start discussions in the Work Chat view with a New Chat button. Improved search behavior: When you clear a search you will be returned to your previous note or view. Search highlighting now highlights only words that start with the search phrase. Fixed When you restart Evernote, there was an issue that it sometimes didn't remember the last note you were on. Now it does. Improved overall stability. Let me know if you see any issues. P. S. An interesting fact is that a majority of Evernote users have upgraded and are now using Apple's latest operating system El Capitan. It's amazing how fast the transition happens on Mac vs Windows.
  18. I agree that performance can always be better. It would help if you could get us a little more information to help us track down where the slowness is occurring. I've direct messaged you.
  19. I would love to hear more about why people want a PIN and why it's not the same as logging out. We just had an hour discussion about this feature today and are actively talking about it. I'm a big personal fan of a PIN but there aren't a lot of desktop apps that support this feature. 1Password has it but are there other Mac apps people use that have a PIN? What if we made the user experience of logging out and logging back in more like the PIN experience. My use case is that I have a bunch of personal stuff in Evernote like medical records and other things that I don't want people to see at the office if I get up to go to lunch and forget to lock my computer. I would like to enter in a short 4 number code to unlock it but personally wouldn't want to log out because here at Evernote there's a lot of security steps for us to log back into the app. There's a pretty big technical hurdle for us to do this feature so the more we can understand what people expect the better we can scope the project.
  20. I wasn't here when they decided on the implementation they did so I don't know the full reasons behind it but my guess is that they felt their design made things easier for people. It's much more like Google search in that you can type "Personal" and it would find ".NB.Personal", "Personal.NB", "Personal Receipts", etc. The user doesn't have to remember the specific tag name. This wouldn't work with the prefix search used by Windows. The user just has to remember one of the words in the tag. With that said, I thought I made it pretty clear that I agreed with you and that we are planning to support both a prefix search which is what you're asking for and word search which is what we do today. We don't necessarily want to lose the capabilities we currently have. There is a benefit to being able to type "personal" or "nb" and have it find ".NB.Personal". If we only supported the prefix search then someone is going to complain that we broke tag filters and that it no longer works the way they expect and the way it has worked for years.
  21. This is going to sound strange but this is actually a feature and not really a bug. As one of our developers discovered, the feature is actually working exactly as it was designed. Basically Windows uses a simple prefix search so if you type "gif" in the tag filter field you will only find tags that start with "gif" but you won't find ".gif" or "png/gif". All of these will be found on Mac so in some ways it's more flexible. It uses a "word" search vs a prefix search. Of course, this has some unintended consequences. If you type ".gif, the Mac won't find a tag named ".gif" because the Mac ignores symbols and considers them word breaks to define what a word is. With that said, I think most people would expect that if you type ".gif" that it would find a tag name ".gif". So we've been trying to brainstorm how we can do both because there are probably lots of people who've become accustomed to the current way it works. In any case, we've implemented a hybrid approach that will most likely appear in our 6.5 Beta release. Thanks for messaging me directly and sending the logs. We'll take a look. Does this appear slower than it did before or has it always been slow for you?
  22. Sorry I'm replying so late but I was having issues trying to reply in the forums for the past couple of days. In any case, this is definitely an issue. We had most everything assigned to Helvetica Neue when we launched the Yosemite release a year ago so that it was the same font on all platforms. Unfortunately this lead to weird kerning issues on El Capitan so the fix was to switch to the System Font where the bug appeared. Unfortunately switching all of our fonts at once is not that easy to do in our app. Of course this has lead to different fonts in different places and on different platforms since Apple has switched system font in the past 3 releases. In any case, this is something we're fixing over time but won't be fixed in 6.4.
  23. Numbered lists definitely took a hit in 6.4 Beta 1 but it looks like they are all working again today in our internal builds. We plan to ship 6.4 shortly. There is one more bulleted list bug we just found today that we need to fix before we release. Thanks for reporting this issue.
  24. We're not able to reproduce this. Can you tell me where you're trying to paste? The reason I'm asking is that our Copy Note Link is a little complicated. If you paste into Evernote you'll get the nice title and hyperlinked text. This pastes in a special Evernote only URL that looks something like evernote:///. If you paste anywhere else we'll paste in a standard URL that takes you to the web version of the note. This is because most third party apps don't recognize the evernote:/// as a link. However if you do have an app that recognizes it then you can force Evernote to paste the evernote:/// URL by right clicking on a note in the note list and selecting Copy Classic Note Link. In any case, let me know if this helps clarify things and hopefully is the reason you're seeing some discrepancy in behavior. As of now since we' haven't really touched this area and we can't reproduce it we don't think this is a bug.
  25. Thanks for reporting this issue. This appears to only be broken for numbered lists and not for bulleted lists. It's already fixed in internal builds by our common editor team but I haven't personally tried it yet but will once we have a version to test with. Please direct message me if you want to go back to a previous version. This is not a bug but a safeguard against putting you in a state where you might crash if the database has changed.
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