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  1. I have a question about the new email feature! Does the Evernote App make a record of all the notes that have been shared via e-mail? It would be great if it did so a user can go back later and see what notes have been shared by email. Also, it will be vitally important to be able to send note contents in an encrypted form. The Evernote app should encrypt the email within the user's computer, send it, and the recipient should be able to decrypt the note in their computer whether they have or don't have Evernote. If they don't have Evernote, they should be able to decrypt the note contents via an appropriate web link through their browser. In this manner, the note contents will be secure while moving through the Internet.
  2. Yeah, the old management dropped the ball, but the present one is doing a great job cleaning up the mess.
  3. The idea of links within notes is exactly what I would like to see as well. However, I see there might be a big reason why this has not been accepted yet. Evernote, up to now, has been at least 5 different separate versions on the various platforms. To add a feature like this would have required 5 major, different software development projects. So the priority was set to consolidate everything onto one application and then start considering features to add. This way only one development project will be needed to add any major feature. Let's let Evernote complete its current effort and hopefully then they will start adding nea amazing features like Links Within Notes!
  4. Another way to do it in (August 2019) is to go to "Format" / Tables > / Table Properties / Cell Background Color" and choose the desired colour from there. Then click OK and you're done.
  5. Evernote stopped working on my iPhone 6 but I upgraded this morning to an iPhone 7. Evernote does not work on the new phone either. It opens, I see my most recent notes for a few seconds. Then the screen goes black and a few seconds later it shuts down completely. It works fine on my iPad 2 Air and also works well on my Mac. Help!!!
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