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  1. Can you help me find this function?
  2. Is it NOT possible to bulk export all notes to some other format than Evernote? It doesn't even seem possible to share or send an individual note with another app like OneNote. Correct?
  3. Thanks for your response. However you seem to be suggesting that EN for web-sourced notes really has no purpose that could not be served by bookmarks. Actually, I think notes that have been synced are available offline in the desktop app, so counting on reloading the web page is not a safe bet if you will be away from a connection. I did not say clips don't complete. I said they take so long that it's not practical to check each one to see whether it arrived and whether it was legible. Although, checking back I see I have two that have been in "clipping" status for six hours. The exp
  4. Here's another example of a screwed-up clip. It was shared to EverNote (from Chrome clipper) on the same computer that the desktop app is on:
  5. So to follow up on this a bit regarding why it should be a priority to FIX the Clipper apps, or at least add some kind of error message when a page is being scrambled by EverNote. Earlier I clipped a page on a laptop (shared to EverNote). According to the Clipper app, it had been clipped, but it doesn't offer to let you view the note. When I went to EN desktop app and synced, 17 minutes later it is still not visible in EverNote and still says "Clipping" in the note. Even slower (much slower) from a phone. In fact, items "clipped" often don't even show in EverNote as "clipping" for hours.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. It was posted as a suggestion to fix it, not as a question per se and doesn't require an explanation of why it doesn't work consistently. The point being that it doesn't work right. Not clarified (except here) that "with text" means "bookmark" rather than a text-only version of the page, or that "full page" means sometimes.
  7. Web clipper in Chrome Android doesn't really work. Has two options, either "Create new note with text" (all this seems to do is create a note with a link in it) or "Clip full article", which is even weirder. Attached is a screenshot of part of an EN note created with the Chrome Android web clipper, "Clip full article" option. Most of it is basically illegible and it's not set up like the original article. Other clips come through as long vertical strings of illegible text. These problems don't always happen but they happen enough to make me say it's pretty unreliable. The only other o
  8. Let me just clarify: I am using EverNote to hold notes. I think that's reasonable I am trying to classify the notes individually and group them logically so they can be found easily and in some cases, browsed (for example the gazillion news articles I have saved). To do either I need some way to identify and group them. Although I started a week ago as a member of the Evil Folder-Monger camp, I have started using tags. So I am a good guy now. You can relax. I was happy to find that EN has the ability to nest tags, apparently endlessly. Which strikes me as a good thing,
  9. But why would you want to do that? The whole idea in this discussion is classification. Strikes me as ass-backwards. For that matter I could go back to Google and repeat the original search that turned up the pages that I saved to EverNote . . . and bypass EN entirely.
  10. We're getting into an excellent sarcasm mode here, which is the highest form of wit!
  11. I know it's a shameful thing, but no I don't know my own tags. There are too many and most I use only rarely.
  12. Good grief man! Refine it? So you're fine with a trial-and-error, multiple-try process just to locate a related set of notes without extraneous notes? The idea is to simplify the query process, not complicate it!
  13. I'm really arguing for hierarchy, not necessarily via folders. A lot of folks seem to want it, including a lot who set up tags hierarchically (e.g. the Pseudo Notebooks post, which is where I started). Even EN seems to acknowledge the problem - why else would they have come up with nested tags? It's just that with both notebooks and tags they seem to have partly addressed the problem without really finalizing the solution. The fact that users want hierarchy keeps getting minimized by tag fans (and vice-versa I'm sure) My point is that if you want hierarchy then you need nesting of some
  14. Windows application, Tag Picker control: quick way to filter your notes down by tags: Click on tag picker (or Alt+Shift+T), start typing: you get a list of tags that match that contain that string (or have that prefix, if you want to configure it that way). Select one. Activate tag picker, you now have a list of tags that are used by the notes in the current tag filter (which contains the first tag you chose): select another one Activate tag picker; you now have a list of tags that used by the notes in the current tag filter (which contains the first two tag
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