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  1. Frustratingly still the same for me too. Come on Evernote, you're better than this!
  2. Hi.. Having exactly the same problem here too. The OP explains perfectly the issue, amazed there is no one else experiencing the same. Thanks for highlighting msg5, brilliantly explained post!
  3. I kinda echo @teloscientist frustrations. Like: The new Simple Note featureDislike: Not having the quick/lightening photo action - this was so useful for snapping quick images on the move with two taps (which could be 'filed' at later). Would love to see this come back as its simplicity made it what it was - a quick, no fuss feature.Not being able to turn off displaying of the Notebook name on the 4x1 Action Bar. Looks naff. I know where my notes are going to be saved, I don't need to know! Maybe useful for some but it would be nice to be able to customise it.Not being able to change to dark widget theme on 4x1 Action Bar. Grrr! The colour doesn't suit my homescreen! Hate to say it but I am a bit upset with Evernote tbh, especially being forced to stop using the 'old' Widget - I understand there could be comparability issues but it would have been nice to let people decide when to ditch the old widget! I use EN as part of a GTD approach - people use EN in very specific ways (i.e. workflows) which they've tailored/adapted to make EN work for them - as we all know change has to be managed carefully and not doing so upsets people. I love Evernote, it's the best out there, been using it for so many years now. I always look forward to new versions as generally they are genuine upgrades/step forward.. but in future I think I may refrain from immediately upgrading to the latest release. Nothing mentioned here is insurmountable of course, well not for me anyway - and I've no doubt things will get fixed / improved etc, but it's just frustrating the change wasn't managed better.
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