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  1. hmmm well yeah i hear you guys, but still i just got one of my machines back from a 3d animation studio where i left it while abroad. its a 64gb ram, 2x 1080ti dual xeon 32thread machine. a bit old now but still flying fast compared to off the shelf stuff. i wiped it clean with new win, installed the evernote app, downloaded my evernote database to an ssd drive, started writing a note, and it lags to the point of that i can't work anymore. i don't know how you guys get it to run smoothly ... no i haven't done loads of special settings on all the context settings stuff. im not feeling
  2. Hi guys, great web interface update! however when moving notes there's suddenly no way of searching for notebooks, but instead i have to scroll through hundreds of notebooks to find the right one for ever note. (if im not missing something obvious) Please add the search box back in, in the move dialogue. Also if there is a way to be able to select and move multiple notes in one go that would be something long awaited. i was hoping that would be implemented by now but it doesn't seem to be. thanks David
  3. nope I've been paying for years now and its not even possible to have a proper conversation with pro support.. hence we moan here instead. I just rediscovered the duplicate note issue these last couple of weeks as I moved back into my flat after my tenant left and I'm now borrowing wifi from my neighbour via a network booster. the wifi is fast but cuts out from time to time.. every single app works fine with these cutouts, apart from evernote which decides to uncontrollably (in a rather manic fashion) duplicate the current note. Honestly is there no figgin coder/developer in the who
  4. yeah im mainly using the webclient nowadays as that is slowly getting better. I only keep the win app around on one computer for the sole task of merging notes as that for some reason isn't possible in the browser. But i've long given up the idea of working fluidly in the win app, never mention the dated design and UX/UI - which is strange as the webapp feels much more well designed.
  5. I see your point, but is it really tho? I mean again, other 'similar' apps out there can handle this flawlessly with loads of people accessing the same notes and editing live. And what makes me actually think that it is 'the same' issue, is the fact that it produces this uncontrolled duplication of notes. I remember back in the day i used to sometimes get a 'new notebook' called Note Conflicts or similar, where some notes for some reason couldn't sync properly with the server. So, one or worst case two orphaned notes where left in there. That was a lot more manageable tho than this spitti
  6. yea @gazumped that seems a little long with 15-20- mins. #1 I've never experienced anything longer than 30 seconds after finishing or deleting a note on my desktop and opening the app on my phone, as i walk out the door, to see the update. I'd say that syncing is, over the last years, pretty much instant or at most 1 min between devices. #2 on the other hand i strongly doubt this has anything to do with the duplicate note issue. The duplicate notes issue is a nasty bug that Evernote needs to fix. With the software development and tech around at this point in time, this should not be somet
  7. I've stopped installing and using the win desktop client entirely until I don't see people complaining about it anymore. I'm tired of spending my time wondering what the issue is. I work with software every day. The evernote app is one of the worst pieces of software created for its purpose since a few decades. On another note the web app now seems to have stopped creating dupe notes. (Hurray!) So I only use that. It's nicely designed and works great even in slow countryside (Asia) mobile connections. How did note taking get so difficult??
  8. Hi guys OK I have just wiped one of my main 3D workstations (PC win10pro). what should i do? I'm currently using only EN web interface as that's relatively snappy (although I've suddenly noticed some bugs in trying to list all notebooks - they suddenly all disappear as you try to scroll down) I have fresh internal hardrives (several ssd drives) installed, either one able to handle the EN database, but I'm still dubious to whether this app is actually "fit for purpose" Im not interested in having a text based application lag and cause problems when while I'm rendering heavy
  9. hmm yeah I dont't know. I have one win 10 machine in London with 32 threads and 64gb ram and its the same there. i got one machine with 20 threads and 64gb ram in bangkok and its the same there. I got a chrome book which is web based and used to produce about 200 dupe notes a day (other fantastic issue to rant about) and i got a toshibal laptop with 16 threads and 16gb of ram which is the same issue as above. pretty please dig up the fairy dust and chuck it our way... now!
  10. yes I agree completely. I'm using evernote every day and I couldn't get through work or life without it honestly. hence im rather frustrated! about not only this issue. I've tried support - if you think the win app is useless try those guys haha
  11. this is good stuff, but ... really ?? i've stopped using the win app since a year back!! i find it utterly unusable and i refuse to jump through poodle-hoops to help it on its way. on the good side the web app is a wee bit better nowadays but seriously i find it ooooouuuuutrageeeeooouuusss that the Evernote win app is so slow (please read "useless") - click on the title... wait. click in the text field... wait. hit enter... wait. its like a school project at the moment. sorry just venting. d
  12. @jefito just read up on ENScript.exe. Looks very interesting
  13. @jefito I agree, point taken. I'm completely aware of how developers of third party apps/utils, are responsible for their own products. My response comment to the 'big company' attitude is out of place here and was referring to more direct issues I've had with Evernote (which should not be discussed here). My initial question was really intended to see if other users here had any experience with GeekNote and if so, if they perhaps knew more about it than I do. I'm curious as to whether Evernote might or might not provide similar features 'out of the box' in the future. As @gazumped
  14. Thx @gazumped I figured as much. I've sent an email to the devs of geeknote too. Yah the 'big company' attitude is what I like the least about evernote at the moment. It wasn't like that when I joined ...
  15. Hi, hope this is the right place to ask this. Is anyone here aware of Geeknote for Evernote? Its a python based app for accessing Evernote through command line. It's currently at v01 i think but haven't been updated for some time. I have written a python plugin for a 3D app I'm using on a daily basis for my work, which collects data from a 3D scene and uploads it as a note to evernote with checkboxes lists etc. This increases efficiency massively in my work as I'm able to very quickly bring myself up to date on files I haven't looked at for a while, but having to go back to for
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