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  1. Seems this topic is being addressed in at least two Android Product Feedback threads as well. Here is my initial post to one... ...and my subsequent post to another...
  2. See... Having just scanned THIS topic I'm now posting to, I see indications that Android-OS/API constraints might be at least part of what inhibits Evernote from providing a store-to-SD-card option for offline note content (e.g., Offline Notebooks, containing ALL content for notes in those notebooks). If that is the case, perhaps Evernote should coordinate w/Google on this issue.
  3. Agreed. See also... I've read that Evernote previously interacted w/Android in a manner that allowed storage of offline notebooks on a device's SD card. If Evernote developers can (still) enable storage of offline folders to SD card on current Android OS/platforms via Android APIs, and if concerns about data security are part of Evernote's reason to exclude that capability (as one of the posters to the "Request: Add external SD card support" topic has observed or inferred), consider that Android allows for user-initiated encryption of an SD card inserted in an Android device.
  4. I've already Liked and/or responded with very brief agreement to / elaboration on a couple of previous posts to this topic. Now, I have a few observations to add. I hope they represent (at least mostly) new/augmented info that is both relevant to this topic and will refine -- at least a bit -- the understanding of the parameters of EN's current behavior in connection with it. I have copied the entire contents of this topic from my browser to (you guessed it) an EN note, and performed a few text-within-Note searches for obvious precedents. Naturally, one of the positive byproducts of a fut
  5. I, too, would obtain substantial additional value from Evernote if its iOS app allowed me to (at least) view both date and time stamps for notes from days before the current one. One benefit for me would include the ability to identify the time on a given date that I made an observation, participated in an event, and/or conducted an activity associated w/an Evernote note I created. Another would be having time of day as one category of metadata available to me while "manually" searching (through visual inspection of my Notes list during scrolling). Entering/modifying "Created" and/or "Updat
  6. Omg! So much pain and suffering Ultimate suicide by evernote ...unless you're a Windows user, in which case the world (of Evernote note thumbnails) remains a profoundly disorienting place .
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