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  1. Please remove this 'feature'. It's annoying and pointless. Why the hell is this message showing when we click a link WE ADDED FOR OURSELVES to a note?! It makes no sense at all. What's the thought process here? Imagine even if some hacker did get access to someone's account and added a malicious link, and the user clicks it... Will he suddenly decide not to follow the link because this useless message appears? Does anyone ever click 'back' on that screen? "Oh no, I'm leaving Evernote, I am freaking out! Thank god for that back button!" If you would track the behavior on that page, you will notice how much % of users click that 'back' button. So please hire someone who has a clue about usability. Also, please make a Linux client.
  2. Still not possible a year later? Such a simple feature. Please add this.
  3. In most apps you can just assign your own shortcuts to whatever you want. It becomes your own responsibility. Evernote only offers a handful or keyboard shortcuts... It would be so useful if you can custom assign a keyboard shortcut to every single action within evernote. Just in the desktop apps of Evernote.
  4. Batch processing is what I want to avoid, when watching a video, I just want to quickly paste a screenshot to evernote and annotate it.
  5. When annotating an image you need to go to file-> save and exit every single time. Can you please add a shortcut for this? It's very frustrating when annotating often.
  6. ...until you switch to a different note and back. Can this be fixed in the next version?
  7. Hello, I often take screenshots of VLC media player when it's playing on a 4K screen. With alt+printscreen, so it only copies the selected window to the clipboard. But then, when pasting this in Evernote, it's HUGE and hard to annotate. How do you make sure these screenshots are scaled down in evernote? Or set a maximum width of some sorts. Is this possible and how?
  8. I had the same problem. No need to install the webclipper for this. Chrome developer tools has a filter option, so you can hide any messages not related to your project.
  9. - Change individual cell backgrounds - Have some pre-formatted table layouts with colored headers and separators and such - And and remove columns and rows more easily - Make the lines draggable so we can set height and width of columns and rows - Make line thickness adjustable on a row/cell basis - Different types of lines (dotted, dashed) - Make padding inside cells adjustable
  10. The table feature in evernote is quite useful, but the editing and formatting of tables is so very limited. Can you please build something more advanced for this? Same functionality as in Word for example. Frank
  11. Howdie, Was just sorting notes with evernote desktop, the following makes evernote shutdown completely: When you have a notestack, with 2 notebooks 'notebook1' and 'notebook2' and select multiple notes from notebook1 and drag and drop them into notebook2, the program shuts down. I tried it multiple times and it happens each time. Can you have a look into that and fix by the next update? Frank
  12. Forgot to mention, it's the windows desktop client. The editor I'm copying from is PHPStorm.
  13. Hi, Evernote messes up html code that gets pasted in. At first I thought there were some hidden chars in the copied text causing this, but when pasting in notepad++ for example, it does show correct. So here is the text I copy from the editor: <button type="button" class="navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#bs-example-navbar-collapse-1"><span class="sr-only">Toggle navigation</span><span class="icon-bar"></span><span class="icon-bar"></span><span class="icon-bar"></span></button>Then paste it in evernote, it turns into this: < button type= "button" class= "navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle= "collapse" data-target= "#bs-example-navbar-collapse-1" > <span class= "sr-only" >Toggle navigation</span > <span class= "icon-bar" ></ span> <span class= "icon-bar" ></ span> <span class= "icon-bar" ></ span></button ></nav>Look at all the spaces that are added. Can this please be fixed or offer a workaround. When pasting as plain text it pastes correctly, but then all the color coding is gone, and I want to keep that.
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