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  1. Please remove this 'feature'. It's annoying and pointless. Why the hell is this message showing when we click a link WE ADDED FOR OURSELVES to a note?! It makes no sense at all. What's the thought process here? Imagine even if some hacker did get access to someone's account and added a malicious link, and the user clicks it... Will he suddenly decide not to follow the link because this useless message appears? Does anyone ever click 'back' on that screen? "Oh no, I'm leaving Evernote, I am freaking out! Thank god for that back button!" If you would track the behavior on that page, you will not
  2. I had the same problem. No need to install the webclipper for this. Chrome developer tools has a filter option, so you can hide any messages not related to your project.
  3. It could just blink a quick message for 0.5s => "clipping saved" instead of a huge box with tips and info and links, which you need to manually close.
  4. When can we expect this feature? It's a completely useless feature to have a giant box saying the clipping was done. At least offer it in the paid versions please, it's very annoying.
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