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  1. Bug report: The screen started flickering when I cut an image from a note and attempted to paste it back into the same note in a different location. I have also noticed that it hangs up when doing a sync and then trying to view the contents of different note. Evernote version: (307805) Prerelease (CE Build ce-53.2.6543) Activity log is attached. Evernote_6.15.2.7805_20180907.log
  2. I agree. Well said. There are just way too many positives to Evernote... hopefully they will one day do something more on that front, but until then I will manage my own security as needed. Thanks for the response.
  3. I thought they already had 250 million? Anyway, great points @DTLow I appreciate the reply. At the end of the day, yes, there are workarounds even though as a subscriber and an "all in" Evernote user, I would love to see more integrated security controls. However, between 2 factor auth, text encryption, and native file encryption - security can work and it is certainly worth the additional effort because Evernote is still BY FAR the greatest solution out there. (I reread my post from the other day and I really sounded upset... haha. I wasn't, I was just disappointed. I was really hoping this latest update had some security stuff rolled up in it. )
  4. I am a huge Evernote user and have been waiting for encryption for years, along with everyone else. It is incredibly disappointing that it is still not a base feature of this product. I don't know the reasons why full notebook encryption (not just text) isn't available, but in this day and age it is irresponsible for a cloud service company of this size to not offer a way for their customers to protect their personal information. There are other solutions out there, albeit not as feature rich as Evernote - but as soon as one of them catches up and offers encryption... AND should they have a streamlined process for transferring note content out of an Evernote account into their solution, I predict a mass exodus of Evernote users.
  5. I can't image this has not been requested in the past, but I want to request encryption support for the Evernote client database (.exb). Currently the synced content is readily available in the clear and an account password is not needed to access it. All it takes is for someone to set up a temp Evernote account, then rename the target .exb database filename to match the name of the temp account and bam... they have the data. No password required. Massive concern in today's world.
  6. Thank you for the reply, dconnet. I just updated to that beta version this morning, so I tested it out and it works... thank you!
  7. There hasn't been an update to this thread in a long time... not sure if the issue was moved elsewhere or just forgotten about, but the problem with openfonts missing from the Font Options dropdown is still alive and well. Does anyone know if Evernote is addressing this?
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