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  1. I was hoping to leverage Evernote for company procedures and the recurring implementation of those procedures. I'm still researching this idea but thought I would ask here what you more advanced ENers think is possible. Use case today, though this needs to scale to 100 clients, is Accounting Firm 10 current clients Each client has procedures specific to their company. I would have a notebook for each client I think. A long procedure would rarely exceed one printed double spaced page in length Procedures need to recur. Some annual, quarterly, monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily Procedures need to be shareable with our team Procedures need version history. No need to lock some team members from making changes at this stage as long as we can fall back if someone makes a bad modification of a procedure Team would also need to share some general notes about the client. Background information mainly 1Password would be used for confidential information like passwords and account numbers These clients can generate a lot of documents needed to carry out those procedures but we have pretty good handle on those with hubdoc. We have GSuite and Office 365 and I will probably set up a client folder in g drive for each as a back up to hubdoc if nothing else. I like EN for note taking and being able to add a variety of data sources to the client notebook (audio, screenshots, text, web clips, etc.) I think the sharing of notebooks would work well but don't know how Team EN subscription level would help us. But I believe EN's terrible at reminders that recur (and meager at straight up reminders) and that might be the show-stopper. I thought I would check here to see if you guys have ideas on how to make EN work for this use case with integration. We have Zapier today. I can add a little more SaaS i guess but the $15 per user for Teams would be pretty painful already. I'm researching more specific solutions to our needs but really want to use less customized solutions if possible so we don't become data hostages down the road. Thanks for any advice you have.
  2. I posted too soon. The extention did download I noticed but didn't open the tab in Safari Preview as expected. I did this forcefully by "Open With" Safari Technology Preview (63). At first I got a message like, "Can't install this version of extention". So of course I tried again and it installed after opening another complete instance of Safari Preview 63. On had clipper installed the other did not. I closed "did not". But the favicons were failing in the open version so I quit that instance of Safari Preview and restarted to get the favicons to show properly again. Maybe this means the extension will cause problems, but, hey, that's what a preview is all about.
  3. I can't get the extension from www.evernote.com/webclipper to install in this preview and wondered if any of you have found a workaround. (You know, besides use standard Safari! : )
  4. Non native English? Honestly I didn't suspect that. Some of my son's high school friends do much worse than you! So, I also see the possible advantage that you can tweak things in Evernote. Which leads to the question, what happens if users poke around the notebooks that Your Day creates. Would this cause the app problems? Thanks for putting it together.
  5. Hi. I'm about to try the app I think. I wonder though if you can comment on the advantages you see in this evernote tie in approach verus the stand alone Day One. Thanks . EDIT: typos I noticed in start up slash screens. "You doesn't need to be online." should be "You don't need to be online." Screen 1 "This app is hightly optimized to use with EverNote." should be "This app is highly optimized for use with Evernote."
  6. Moving discussion on shortcut and solution found to here... where it seems a better fit.
  7. When I saw this, I right clicked my left side bar and Shortcuts was selected in the pop up, but there was no down or side arrow next to shortcuts. Your post made me think to disable and reenable (toogle off and then back on) shortcuts and they are now visable. Thanks.
  8. Just upgraded to 7.01 from 6 something. Now I have no shortcuts and can't add shortcuts. @Jason Creadore Can I roll back to something stable?
  9. Nice @EverNote, you update date us to a 7.0 and 7.01 (mostly so you can become slack and telegram like, which most don't need or want), and manage to blow up my shortcuts. All gone now. I assume I have to start them over. How did this pass beta? Seems like this happened some other time to me. I'll repeat my standing recommendation for EN's for long term survival. Fix what you have running now. Stop adding "features" that few value while helpful things like being able to control note merges on a Mac go unaddressed. Let's see, some things unneeded we now have... Spaces, AI reading my notes by default, that always wrong related notes suggestions feature. Just focus on making core work. At least take a year to focus on squasing bugs. As it stands I'm gone as soon as another note group has a good web clipper. EDIT: Its worse than thought. I can no longer add shortcuts.
  10. More information here, but the problem is the same...
  11. This delete, reinstall solution does not work in High Sierra for me. Apple seems to have removed the "Always accept cookies from this site" option and "Accept cookies from websites I visit". These optiions are not in Privacy or Websites that I can find. I'm down to trying to log what Evernote web clipper login is trying to load and whitelisting those individually unless there are idea from other High Sierra users. (Of course I notice this issue less than a week after premium renewal!) ; )
  12. This does not work for me as of 10/4/2017
  13. Hurray! Glad you are still in the fight... Looking forward to trying it out...
  14. So whatever happened to this idea. It was a good one. When I thought about journaling, first thought was how could I emulate Day One in Evernote. And here this is... or rather is not. Anyone watching this dead thread?
  15. I resemble this remark : ^). Also checked competitors privacy policy. This is good as it gets for a notes program that does what I need.
  16. I am Premium and still get suggestions to upgrade to Premium. Another example of half effort programing in my opinion. EN - "Start all, polish none", I think.
  17. So, we still have the situation where the legalese allows EN to read our notes if they want, when they want for the most part. With the current language, any good attorney could find cause for legal access. But we are assured by O'Neill they won't use this power. His statements show some respect for privacy and I do appreciate that. EN now needs to control their attorneys more and make their stated intent reflected in the legal documents. Maybe this is what they mean when EN says improvements are coming over the next few months. To those claiming Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote are less prying, please do yourself a favor and read their privacy statements. One example, by using OneNote's web clipper you give Microsoft full time access to all your contacts, even when OneNote is not running. That is troubling to me and is just the first example I thought of. But now I have a dilemma. I turned off that auto Opt in feature of old off. I wonder if I should turn it back on for other features it might control. Yet when I look for it now, I can't find the option at all. Can someone tell me what I will miss by leaving it off? And can someone point me to the account setting switch again as I think I am going batty and now suspecting it has been removed. I thought it was on the Account Summary page...
  18. Well, this makes a bit of difference. So Chris does not intend evil with the policy change, but his Attorney's have left the door open for evil in case Evernote wants to change hats one day. Also I saw this article which is the best summary of the situation I have found. Evernote’s privacy policy allows its employees to read your notes, and you can’t opt out – but it’s a little more complicated than that With that, this seems to be little change after all and is no worse that what One Note is doing and at least Chris is wary of exercising what the Attorney's have made possible. So Chris' message does make a difference to me. The best ideas I have heard here is that notebook level encryption is desperately needed and that Evernote needs to launch a proper beta program. They would have received tons of volunteers for a beta project of these "experimental features" rather than the forced opt into beta for all and this backlash. I don't want to help Evernote tame their latest dragon so have already opted out. I also note it would have helped the backlash had the opt out read more like "you will miss experimental features but other core items will remain the same", than an implied, "unchecking this box means severe limitations and restrictions" message. Whoever wrote that opt out language knew the scare tactic would keep most the flock in their "experimental" pool and they wanted that because engineering told them the more pawns to play with the better. Or so I think. It doesn't change the fact that this debacle has revealed that Evernote cannot be trusted with confidential information however. If they want your data, they can open your data and act upon your data because you said they could. But maybe now I will only port that important data to Apple Notes rather than my entire library based on Evernote's current stated intent. I think I can trust Evernote with my kids Christmas lists, but not so much my company Federal EIN.
  19. Wow, great tip. Sounds as safe and more feature rich that Apple Notes so I will give it a look. Google already sorts my airline tickets for me in inbox anyway and I don't really need Evernote guessing at how to make a todo list from raw notes either. The time on guesses and misses would be at least as much as just making the list yourself I figure. I don't know why Evernote keeps adding these new 1/2 features before finishing the ones that work 1/2 way anyway. You still can't control merge order on a Mac set of notes for instance after 3 years of people requesting that. But what, there is Skitch! or Fuji ScanSnap (sp?) or something else that twinkles and won't be fully implemented. Besides, it seems the real brains behind this latest push is the Google API. Its a shame what is happening to Evernote. They could (should) have been a contender!
  20. I had a hard time accepting the huge % increase in fee for premium service last year. I was thinking about Apple Notes then for cost, but decided I would miss some of those features Notes does not have to much. But now this. I just can't shake the feeling with the flimsy description of how this access will be used that we are going to see recommendations to purchase new features beyond premium at a minimum. I can't shake the feeling that the reason for this change on privacy is profit motivated for a company I suspect is somewhat struggling financially and is now willing to shave a little off its moral position on privacy to accomplish that profit. If Evernote cannot be specific in how this access will help us, even in an i.e., I'm out. No Evernote, I do not really trust your employees with my personally identifiable confidential information I have in my notes. Yes, Evernote, as my second brain I've trusted you with this information in the past. But last I checked, no one could check my first brain contents to help me use other features of my brain I might be missing out on. And I'm happy that way thank you. And given a choice between privacy and unknown future features that might nag and irritate me like that context search bug, I will choose privacy in the end. What do I have to hide? I don't know for sure so I want to hide it all. This whole thing makes me want to go buy an Apple product to support their privacy cause. Each new day seems to make their position shine brighter lately.
  21. Today, Apple released OS X 10.11.4. It includes Adds the ability to passcode-protect notes containing personal data in Notes Adds the ability to sort notes alphabetically, by date created, or date modified in Notes Adds the ability to import Evernote files into Notes The first two are features Mac users have been asking of Evernote for years and now it seems Apple is reading this forum more closely and with more conviction than Evernote itself. Will Evernote compete by adding the sorting feature and password feature or concede these issues to Apple? One wonders just how competitive Apple will make notes. I know I could be tempted to switch to save $50 a year.
  22. Thanks for the tip DTLow. Here is the feature request link. Maybe it would help if those still wanting a change saying so in the Feature Request forum.
  23. Merging notes in OS X is chaotic currently. Notes merge in the order they were added to Evernote with the newest note first and oldest note last according to the date last modified. OS X Evernote does not merge these notes in the order selected like Windows Evernote does. In OS X, to get notes in the order you want, you have to manipulate the modified date by adding / deleting a character to the files - editing the note you want to show last in the merge first and modifying the note you want to appear first last. Life for us Mac users would be so much easier if we had the same "Merge in the order selected" capability that I understand Windows users enjoy. Mac users have been waiting for this feature to appear for at least two years as evidenced in this thread. Please help us out Evernote
  24. Ed, do you think Evernote is seeing this or should we post a more obvious Topic like OS X Feature Request - Merging Notes and link back here?
  25. To manipulate order on a Mac, charge edit date by manipulating the notes in the reverse order you want them to appear. For example, if you have notes for years currently in date order of 2014, 2015, 2012, 2013 and want them in year descending with 2015 first and 2012 last, edit in ascending order, 2012 first and 2015 last. It doesn't matter how you edit. I just add the letter a as an edit and then delete it immediately. Then your notes are ordered for a proper descending year merge.
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