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  1. As you said better organized is a subjective terms. I like tags for searching quickly note with those terms but to be organized the windows/apple folder structure is much better in my opinion. Of course yours might be different. The reason I still use Evernote is that it goes always with me on my iphone,android,pc etc and I can throw anything very quickly at it. But all my important documents are well organized in a folder structure with many levels in Google drive. Evernote has no purpose for that ...the folders system wins hands down....at least for me.
  2. As has been mentioned Evernote will not go this route. There are much better alternatives on the market now where you have this nested structure plus tags. If you ask me Evernote has become an old dinosaur in their field. At a time they were nearly the only player in town. Not anymore. i am still using evernote but not so much anymore as I have discovered better options that do have a hierarchy of folders where you can keep your data much better organized.
  3. Yeah I know. Unfortunately. As I said Notebooks and tags are great for finding your content. But to have a neat order of all your themes Folders/Subfolders as 1000 times superior to the notebook/tag method. I know you and millions think like you. Other millions think like me and that is the reason why this subject comes up again and again. And also why at least three persons that I have recommended Evernote have stayed away. One day they might figure it out.......
  4. I have been using EVERNOTE for years now and the ONLY thing I HATE is the absence of nested folder notes subnote whatever the ***** they want to call it. Search is amazing, tags superb but I want to keep a logical order with folders. Why because it is intuitive because it is fast because you do not always assign tags etc etc. It is beyond me why this tech savy folks do not implement something for their customers that is asked for again and again. Arrogance.
  5. I think that a adding an image or icon to the left list would make locating what you are looking for much faster that text. Yes multiple parents is what I use as a workaround to the two level limit, no other way out. I get that some people might like the option to multiple parents but there is a huge number (me included) that prefer 1 parent with multiple levels inside, it cannot be so difficult to give their users the freedom to choose what is the more comfortable way to organize your info. The brain of every person likes to structure things in a particular way and I think over the years
  6. Yes i use tags and it is great to search for notes but sometimes I don't have a clear idea what I am searching for and having some notes in particular folders makes me remember a piece of information I would have been forgotten. Tags is many times very useful but not always. Also seeing all notes inside a folder gives you a perfect view of the dimension of it. Sometimes you forget to tag but having a piece of info inside a parent folder is an invaluable safe system so that the it does not get lost in chaos..... if 2 levels have been possible don't see why 5,6 or 100 are not possibl
  7. Yes Nesting is possible but only 2 levels deep and the appearance of my left bar is after many years very looong now why because I can only create 2 levels deep. I dont see those "unlimited levels" unless there is some hidden feature you have to activate and I am not aware of. The Tag Tree is precisely what I am talking about....not very visual I would say , a list of text.........when that list is long it is really easy to get lost. The saying an image is worth........ is more alive than ever but somehow Evernote sadly is not evolving in this direction.
  8. Why is it so difficult to implement this feature when so many people ask for it. 2 levels is just NOT enough. When people are jumping to alternative organizing option I think it always comes because two main reasons. No option to nest beyond 2 levels and a poor visual implementation. it is 2019, people want a more visual approach than before.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I thought the forum was assited by evernote staff. Sorry about posting his here.
  10. I also have problems with currency. Right now in Thailand but I want to pay in US dollars or euros and not in the Thai currency. I am not upgrading till this is fixed and there is an option to pay in either euros or dollars
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