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  1. For the sake of balance, I'm adding my experience with EN v10. People are obviously having major problems - problems I won't discount but I don't understand because I'm not experiencing them. I'm adding these comments so that those searching for Evernote reviews don't discount it completely. Version 10 is working find for me. I have found no problems with performance - no slower than earlier versions. Searches work fine, I'm able to create and read notes on both Windows 10 and Android. There are some annoyances - I agree with the comment about it being annoying to have to do an extra step to open Evernote, and for a while you couldn't turn off spell-checking. But these aren't show stoppers for me. I like the new note editor with predefined headers. I use EN primarily as a file cabinet for keeping records such as receipts for tax purposes, and OneNote has no capability in that regard. I considered Nimbus Note for a while which is very similar to EN and is cheaper. But I soon found its performance to be slower than EN and the editor was annoying. One major concern: I want to be able to back up my data locally - more than 50 notes at a time.
  2. I created a note with a already existing tag a few hours ago. It does not show up in the list of notes for that tag.
  3. I use EN primarily as a method of record keeping. My wife has her own business and I keep all receipts in Evernote. Electronic receipts can be emailed directly into EN. I have a rather complex system of tags set up, and it works well in EN. I can change the creation date to match the date on a receipt (unfortunately, this became a bit harder with V10). So far, unlike others, I've had no major problem with V10. I've looked at other software, and anything with the same capability costs as much or more. So in comparison, $70 seems reasonable. I've looked at Joplin, which is open source and free, but it feel really clunky compared to EN
  4. I admit to being puzzled by all the negativity around version 10, but maybe I'm not a power user. I fail to see what the "disaster" is. The tagging feature hasn't changed, and haven't found anything equivalent in another app for Windows 10 - OneNote doesn't even come close. I use Evernote primarily for saving tax-related receipts, and it continues to work well for that. I can scan directly into EN. Again, the tags, and the ability to nest tags is a great feature. The web clipper works beautifully. When I last tried this in OneNote, it was very inferior to EN. The note-taking capability has improved with the introduction of pre-defined headings. My one complaint: When I scan receipts, I want the creation date to be the date of the receipt, not the date I scanned it. V10 makes it a bit more awkward to change the creation date.
  5. Agreed. I'm puzzled with all the comments on how awful it is. The implementation of tags still beats anything other application I've encountered. I'm happy with the new version. The ability to choose pre-defined headers was a much needed improvement.
  6. My issues is slightly different. I have Adobe pdf reader and Google pdf reader installed on my phone. When I tap on a pdf file in evernote on Android 7.0, I get two options: (1) OneDrive pdf viewer (which simply doesn't work), or (2) MS Word. If I click on the three dots, I get all options , including both the Adobe and Google pdf reader. Why aren't all available options available when I tap on the file itself? Why do I have to go through another step?
  7. I agree that a new date field would be a great idea. I store business receipts in evernote, and the creation date of the note often (usually) does not match the date of the receipt. I had been modifying the creation date. Apart from any theoretical consideration about doing this, I have found it to be too fragile - any slight modification of the note (sometimes accidentally), such as changing the date or the notebook or the tag will reset the date to the current date. Because of this, I've begun putting the date as the first part of the title - yyyy-mm-dd - so that sorting them by title will thus sort them by date.
  8. Gary, that doesn't work for me with KitKat 4.4 on a Nexus 4. Evernote does not ask which PDF viewer to use, even when I have more than one installed. What happens for me is that when I attach pdfs created by using the scanner at my work to an note, and try to open it in Android, I get the message "Unfortunately Evernote has stopped working." Or, sometimes it just crashes with no messages. If I put the very same document on google drive, I can open it on my phone just fine. I can also open the attachment on Evernote for windows 7. Jim
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