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  1. And if EN was preinstalled? I am forced to run the baseline version that came with my phone (Note 4) ... every time I upgrade I get a looping error saying it can't read/write the db file, yet the base version has no issues. This only started after I opted out of beta (which I note your systems still haven't completed doing over 24 hours later)
  2. Just my two cents. This new slick look ... LOOKS really nice. But is counter productive. Rather than hiding the hierarchy of Notebooks, Tags, et al ... why not just have a note window pop-out if you want to save space? Slidey side panels look cool, but like many cool looking things are actually a pain in the ass ... I don't want to have to wait to click on a given note, notebook, tag or other element ... and I want to be able to navigate QUICKLY. This new design is expressly against that. And please don't tell me I'd get faster as I get use to it - by the very nature of the UI mechanism you use you could never be as fast as the old layout where everything is just there open and accessible. I hope you are never going to retire the old layout?? Are you?
  3. I've found in Chrome on Android, if you check the "Request Desktop Site" option in Chrome's menu you can get into the Web version of evernote. It's clunky on a tablet or phone obviously, but basic functionality works
  4. Editing and deleting tags is being worked on currently. You should see this in the app in the near future. That's great to hear. I was seriously considering throwing in the towel and going with google tasks & drive. I will hold out a little longer, thanks for that
  5. great. stupid but great basic CRUD functions should be available either wholly or not at all. so i can add all sorts of tags on the app but i can't remove them? did someone actually think this was a workable approach? your thumb typing must be perfect then.
  6. When will this be added? I think tags are used quite extensively by a lot of people and to be able to manage them on the go and on the fly is only common sense. It means my EN ends up a mess unless I actively set aside time to clean up tags when I'm at a PC. This breaks my flow. Can you enlighten us as to why on earth you made the website incompatible with mobile browsers? Are you trying to drive people to the desktop app?? It makes zero sense to limit the web (which is suppose to be universal) this way. If it doesn't work on any standards-compliant browser, it's effectively broken, really. Although having said that I've found that if I tick "Request Desktop Site" in Chrome for Android, I can get around EN-Web's hobbling. And it is hobbling - after all if the mobile client is kept "light", surely it follows that the web client should be even "lighter" to extend its reach even further.
  7. Please answer this fundamental question; WHEN are you going to retire the current UI?
  8. what isn't working is this minimalist looking but inefficient "slidey/pretty" effects. when will notebook & tag stacks be migrated? Until then the beta is next to useless for me
  9. Just some questions on the new UIl One key question, will the old UI be retained as an option going forward once this dev build (something (which you admit) which is not functionally complete is not a beta) is in full release? It looks like you're moving the UI toward that of the tablet/phone apps (I use android) - is this the future of EN? I.e. away from apps and more focused on being a cloud-based provider? Last question, what motivated what seems to me a pointless change - "if it ain't broke don't fix it" - so what was broken? I like/d the old layout because everything was readily available, obvious and within easy reach - like a virtual desktop. Now you're hiding everything, and I have to go looking for things, which wastes my time and my bandwidth. And sorry, one last question, why beta THIS version? It's barely usable, surely you'd get a better response releasing an actual feature-complete 'beta'? Unless we can hope you might abandon this if you get enough negative feedback before doing a full-featured release?
  10. As suggested elsewhere by another user, this should be called an Alpha (in fact, pre-Alpha, since it isn't even feature complete yet) Beta's are for public-ish bug fixes ... when I first saw the new version and the absence of my beloved stacks, I thought (given it's a beta) they'd be gone forever - or at least till the next version. Glad to see that's not the case! And I like so far where the design seems to be heading
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