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  1. And if EN was preinstalled? I am forced to run the baseline version that came with my phone (Note 4) ... every time I upgrade I get a looping error saying it can't read/write the db file, yet the base version has no issues. This only started after I opted out of beta (which I note your systems still haven't completed doing over 24 hours later)
  2. Just my two cents. This new slick look ... LOOKS really nice. But is counter productive. Rather than hiding the hierarchy of Notebooks, Tags, et al ... why not just have a note window pop-out if you want to save space? Slidey side panels look cool, but like many cool looking things are actually a pain in the ass ... I don't want to have to wait to click on a given note, notebook, tag or other element ... and I want to be able to navigate QUICKLY. This new design is expressly against that. And please don't tell me I'd get faster as I get use to it - by the very nature of the UI mechanism you use you could never be as fast as the old layout where everything is just there open and accessible. I hope you are never going to retire the old layout?? Are you?
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