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  1. Window app version 10.10.5 Thanks to report this out, I have exactly the same problem and even worst, when I can select the good corrected word from the suggestion menu, it doesn't correct or change the word, it still remain uncorrected. Thanks and have a nice day.
  2. Hi , I suddenly lost all my setup, widget and pinned note from my home dashboard from the web client (same situation from Firefox, Chrome and Edge) Web version 10.7.5 , on Window 10, all browser updated. But my home dashboard from my Window client (10.7.6) is all good, my setup is there and running... Thanks and have a nice day
  3. Good day I upgraded to version 10.5.7 so far so good, but the 'What's new and new feature" window pop constantly, once I close the window, it's pop back again around 10-15 min, It's very annoying , is there a way to fix that ? Thanks and have a nice day
  4. Hi Did you try this... 1. Uninstall your current Evernote installation 2. Go to...C:\User\yourname\Appdata\Roaming...delete the Evernote folder (note: Appdata might me invisible, simply show all folder) 3. Then install the new 10.4.4 version (in this case Evernote will ask again your credential and it will start fresh) It's my trick when I got problem with Evernote installation Have a nice day
  5. Good day Shane, Yes, exactly! I got this error screen , but worst than Stacey's case, I don't have acces and Navigate from my Evernote screen, I got only this error page on loading, and of course, reloading the page doesn't work, back to the error page. I revert back from previous version that the only fix for me now. Thanks Shane for your help and time.
  6. Hi everyone, Simply to report I upgraded my Evernote (window desktop) from 10.3.7 to 10.4.3 and this new version doesn't work , attempt to load and got an error screen that it can't load the app and suggest to retry, but still crashed even if a retry to load. I take a look from my web version , and everything is fine (all note are there, my account is okays ect...) I uninstall and back to the version 10.3.7 (I always keep a old version of setup installer) and everything is okay and back to normal. Have a nice day
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