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  1. With this latest version, the ease of use on IOS has improved dramatically, however, am finding compatibility issue with windows -windows 10, x86, saferoom v1.4 Notes encrypted on windows with a pdf extension - when decrypted on IOS, the file attachment has no file extension (e.g. .pdf) and IOS does not know what type of file it is - hence I have to save the file, rename it and then i can open it. Am I doing something wrong? appreciate any comments, cheers, Martin
  2. Just tried the new version (iOS) and it does exactly what I wanted it to: scan document->open in saferoom->encrypt->upload to Evernote; without the need to save locally or open in another app, many thanks, Happy Customer
  3. If I recall correctly, you can not have a local folder (non-synced) on iOS devices, though you can on other platforms, e.g. Windows
  4. If I understand what is being asked for - not sure that it is feasible within Evernote? In order to achieve this - you would need to perform either of the following:- - Create the note in Evernote, select the content (e.g. Attached file) - then 'open in' Saferoom to encrypt (similar for decrypt ) or, Create 'note' in aother app - open in Saferoom - save the file and this encrypted file can then be uploaded into Evernote. If I understand correctly - if you follow the first route the by creating the toe in Evernote - it will be uploaded to the Evernote servers before it is encrypted, although the encrypted version will then be sent - you still have the old version in the cloud. It is the second scenario that I had requested Safefoom to streamline - in my case, I scan a document and then wanted to be able to encrypt it and save directly into Evernote - and for this action - what ever is doing the saving needs access to be able to save the file. In the PDF solution above - it would be similar to opening a PDF app to create the document and getting this to save the note in Evernote - that app would need similar access to Evernote. As far as I can tell, there is no way to stop Evernote uploading an 'unencryted' version of a note unless it is encrypted before you save it in Evernote - Giving Saferoom (application) access to your Evernote app lets it do this. I'm no expert, just a user of Evernote & Saferoom - so of course all of the above may be totally wrong (and other than Saferoom am not aware of any other option that gives encryption, seamlessly across all of my devices).
  5. Look forward to it going live, seems just what I am waiting for (iOS) Martin
  6. I am aware that there are other ways of encrypting PDF's, however using Saferoom gives me a single consistent encryption method across all my devices and while I can use it for scanned PDF's on the iPhone, I have to go through an intermediate app - I was looking for a more seem-less option for scanning/encrypting into Evernote. cheers
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if the following scenario is supported in any way within Saferoom? I tend to scan a lot of documents and then store them as pdf's in Evernote - however, I do not do this with confidential information as I would not want it uploaded unencrypted. I use an app on my iPhone to control the scanner and it is easy to save the documents directly into Evernote. Once in Evernote, I know they can be encrypted - but this means an unencrypted version has already been uploaded to the servers. I don't believe it is possible to have a 'local only' Evernote folder on iOS; which had this been the case I could have used this to save the document and then encrypt. From within the scanner app, I do have the ability to 'open in' - but this does not include 'Saferoom' At the moment, the only way I can see to get an encrypted version into Evernote is as follows 1. Scan document (I use 'Canon Print' app) and the use 'Open In' to copy to PDF Expert app 2. Within PDF Expert, save the document to local device 3. Within Saferoom, create a new encrypted Note and attach a file, selecting PDF Expert as the location - can see local PDF Expert files 4. Encrypt Note etc. 5. Open PDF Expert app to delete local unencrypted version of the document However, this is rather cumbersome and far from convenient/practical; - Just wondering if there is an easier way to scan (using a scanner not a Photo) a document and then directly encrypt into Evernote? any suggestions ? cheers,
  8. Similar request here. The only way that I have found is to prefix the title of the note with 1-, 2-,3- etc. so that I can now sort on the title - however, this only works until such time as you change the tags and so have to rename the tags. Would be grateful for any other ideas that anyone might have.
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